Star Wars: Republic Commando -- The Forgotten Star Wars FPS

Den of Geek looks back at one of the greatest (and darkest) Star Wars games ever made: Republic Commando.

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Septic1235d ago

An amazing game. Needs a sequel!

barb_wire1235d ago

Ah, 'Republic Commando' played and beat that on the OG Xbox and still have my CD-Rom for the PC.. superb game, all the atmosphere, amazing gfx (for it's time) and killer sound. Robust gameplay too.

Certainly don't make 'Star Wars' games like that anymore.

iliimaster1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

to this day its the only star wars game ive ever purchased/played in my life and I loved everything about that game and how to command your team. I think halo 5 is doing something similar

Sciurus_vulgaris1235d ago

One of the lead designers of Republic Commando, Tim Longo is working on Halo 5.

iliimaster1235d ago

wow had no idea.... thanks for the info that makes me even more excited to play halo 5

Feriku1235d ago

Ah! That explains the Republic Commando vibe I got from the E3 footage.

Elit3Nick1235d ago

I loved watching my friend playing this on his OG xbox. Hopefully we will some day see a sequel to this, with Karen Traviss being the writer. (She wrote the novels for the republic commando series as well as other star wars books, she even created a complete Mandalorian language as well as fleshing out the culture of Mandalore, that is until The Clone Wars series gave her the middle finger and undid all her work, and she was pissed.)

Interesting tidbit the creative director of Republic Commando is now the creative director for Halo 5.

spicelicka1235d ago

This is why I'm really happy about the squad based combat in halo 5!

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The story is too old to be commented.