Analyzing Crystal Dynamics’ brilliant Tomb Raider release schedule

Crystal Dynamics' decision to spread out the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider is a brilliant move as it hits the market at all the right times on each platform. Here's why.

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nX1208d ago

From a business perspective it's certainly a good move but that's also what worries me the most. If these practices where a whole fanbase is being left out on purpose turn out to be more profitable than a normal launch publishers will make timed exclusive deals on a regular basis. In my opinion, PS4 users shouldn't pay the full price for the game unless it has enough extra content to justify it.

Chanogram1207d ago

They aren't leaving out a whole fanbase. PS4 owners will get it ~1 year later, PC will get it a few months later.

It blows me away that people care THIS MUCH about a single player game, especially with so much coming out in the next 12 months.

I find it funny that PS4 owners are upset by this, but dont seem to mind that they are getting No Mans Sky before everyone else. It's easy to pick and choose which things we ignore and which upset us. I guess it's human nature, but I find it amusing.

nX1207d ago

I don't care about Tomb Raider at all, I care about the future of this industry. Timed exclusivity through marketing deals is bad no matter who's doing it, you simply missed my point.

ilikepizza1207d ago

we're nearing august and no man sky still doesnt have a release date.....

jmc88881207d ago

No what people are scratching their heads on is the fact that they are going to lose a lot of money from this, even after accounting for Microsoft's check.

Microsoft got a helluva deal. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics got screwed, and yes, it might very well effect the series long term.

LCEvans1207d ago

JMC didnt realize you could tell the future?

freshslicepizza1207d ago

hmm, alienating consumers for a year versus alienating consumers forever like street fighter v is doing? which is the better option for consumers?

timed or full exclusives are NOT in the best interest of the consumer, they are for the hardware supplier. which is why ANY exclusive deals with third party publishers is a conflict of interest no matter what anyone says. so don't believe the pr mumbo jumbo sqaure enix says about how microsoft is able to give tomb raider a boost or how capcom needs sony to make another street fighter. it's all pr done to coarse fans to certain hardware.

and they are doing a remarkable job because here we are on the forums and do you see xbox and playstation fans getting along any more than they did before?

wake up people, exclusives are to exclude others.

jb2271205d ago

The Know (not always the best source for rumors but at least half of this one has panned out) reported on the 1 year exclusivity a few weeks ago & they claimed that to make up for the tardiness that the game will be priced at 40$ on PS4. Which means after I wait for a used copy (won't buy it new out of principle) I'll be able to play it for around 25 bucks. Would've been a day one retail purchaser this holiday but CD done burnt us ps4 fans so never again.

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Lamboomington1207d ago

"PS4 users shouldn't pay the full price for the game unless it has enough extra content to justify it."

Why does it need extra content to justify the cost ? The full game doesn't justify the cost because it came out earlier on an entirely different platform ?

lol, some flawless reasoning right there.

The PS4 version will probably have added content and all, and that's a great bonus, but what you said still makes no sense. If the PS4 version is done well, then why on earth would it not be worth full price ?

nX1207d ago

To show that you are not bending over to anti-consumer marketing deals and you are willing to vote with your wallet if necessary? While PS4 users will have to pay 60$ at launch the game will be outdated and available for half the price on other platforms, I don't know about you but I don't enjoy getting screwed over by company executives. Seems like you completely missed my point as well.

Lamboomington1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )


'to show that you are not bending over to anti consumer marketing deals'

how is this anti consumer ? This is a normal business deal. You get the game late, so what ? I really don't understand. I'm on PC, and I couldn't give a damn if it comes late. As long as we get a good version that makes use of the platform, what on earth is the issue ?

' the game will be outdated and available for half the price on other platforms'

game being outdated ? that is such a non issue, like I said previously. So what if it's dated on OTHER platforms ? How is that relevant ? It's not like this is 5 years later.

So what if it's half price on other platforms ? Who cares ? How is that relevant to your PS4 version. If they spend the time and effort to make a good PS4 version, how does that not justify a $60 purchase ??

Again, are people that impatient ? Do you also not realize that the timed exclusivity deal objectively means a better XBOX version, a better PS4 version and a better PC version than otherwise ? It will look way better on each console because of focusing on either one exclusively.

When GTA 5 came out for PC 2 years later, was it anti consumer for them to charge $60 ? Even if they didn't completely revamp it and it was less of an overhaul, would you be saying the same thing for them ? No, it would be expected to cost the full price. It's common sense.

You want to know what an anti-consumer deal is ? Sony's exclusive Scarecrow missions for Arkham Knight on PS4. I really like the PS4 and it's exclusives, and Sony is winning this gen by a MILE, but it was cringeworthy to see that play out every 10 minutes at their E3.

Guy on stage : "Hey we locked off content permanently for multiplats for everyone else, because money"

Crowd: "Yaaaaay!!!"

(Not to say MS didn't try to do the same, but they are losing in that respect too, so it wasn't nearly as omnipresent as it was during Sony's conference)

jb2271205d ago

Maybe because it'll be a cross gen title released 3 years into the next gen cycle? It's gonna be absolutely trounced by everything else in the visuals & gameplay department by the time the ps4 version rolls aroun.

OB1Biker1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

'A brilliant move as it hits the market at all the right times...'
That had me scratch my head XD
Edit: the deal is what it is not arguing about it but saying that it hits the market at all the right times sounds really silly. I'm sure many xbox fans will also agree even if like me they probably don't care that much about 'the market'

jmc88881207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


So... not being able to collect money from up to 70 percent of potential buyers for anywhere from 6-12 months is a good idea?

So instead of getting AHEAD of Uncharted 4, it now is going to ask for $60 for a year old game when Uncharted 4 will have been out for 6 months itself, thereby able to undercut it with $30-40 sales at launch (and through the holiday season) is good? On the PS4 of all consoles? Who is the average PS4 user going to choose? Uncharted or Tomb Raider?

That's like saying what average XB1 user going to choose between Halo and say MGS: TPP. Gee I wonder which is going to be chosen more.

That even the date it is launching it is going up against Fallout 4 is good?

...and if you assume people with PS4's are going to enjoy paying full price for that year old game is a problem, and it WILL be for MANY, then to bring them on board one would think you would need to lower the price... which means instead of selling it to the vast majority of potential buyers at full price this year, it would be better to sell it for LESS in order to ATTEMPT to garner SIMILAR sales a year later is good? Oh yeah, and with Steam sales, PS4 users are going to see discounts on both the PC AND the XB1 version, and wonder why are they paying $60 when other versions are going for as low as $10-15 and feel confident they are making a good purchase? Seriously look at how quickly Tomb Raider was discounted sub $20 on PC.

Sheer brilliance? More like absolute incompetence.

People can spin and spin and spin until they are dizzy, but there is no way in hell they'll make nearly as much money with the idiotic decision they made.

They got a check from Microsoft, but they are LOSING money on the deal... BOTH in terms of TOTAL money received, but ALSO the fact that a good portion of that money won't be in their bank accounts THIS year, but NEXT year. It's a simple concept, time value of money.

Wow, simply wow.

1207d ago
Lamboomington1207d ago

The timed exclusivity means a better game on each platform. I hope people realize this. As a PC gamer, I'm happy about this.

PS4 owners should be happy too. They'll get a game that takes advantage of their system.

ifinitygamer1207d ago

Your idea that people would choose Uncharted against Tomb Raider is absolutely correct. That is why it makes sense to release Tomb Raider on PC during that time for people who want their fix of an action adventure game like that but don't want to buy a PS4 at that time. Then, later that year, when the Uncharted hype has died down a bit, the PS4 version of Tomb Raider comes out. No one is saying TR could effectively knock off Uncharted, so this is the smartest way to combat against it.

AstroCyborg1207d ago

screwing over you fanbase for cash is retarded not brilliant

Lamboomington1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

How is it screwing over a fanbase ? I don't understand - why is it a big deal if you get a game late ? You're still getting it, not to mention that it will almost definitely be much better on your platform than if it was released along with other platforms.

When the PS4 and PC versions finally come out, they will be epic for each platform. They'll run well and take advantage of hardware.

What difference does it make if you get it late ? Are people that impatient ? As a PC gamer, a late PC version only makes me happy, because I know that it means better quality for the platform, rather than a ported mess. The same applies to the PS4, albeit in a slightly different way. It's going to run better and look better on PS4 as a result of it releasing 1 year later.

1206d ago
Lamboomington1206d ago

That's whining about non issues.

"It belonged to PS nation"

Good Lord, if you get the game 12 months late, but it's a fully fleshed out PS4 version that takes advantage of the hardware, who cares ?

Sorry, but all the things you stated are non issues. Have to do with fans perception of what belongs to PlayStation, and nothing to do with the actual game

1207d ago
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