Razer Acqusition Ends Ouya Platform, Indie Devs Claim Support Has Been Cut Off

Some Free The Game Fund games still in development are adversely affected.

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italiangamer1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Ahhh gotta love those Kickstarter funded projects that ends with a big fuck you to the backers and developers. Seriously, this piece of crap was doomed since its conception.

Zeref1211d ago

Too overhyped. An OS where you can play just Mobile Games will never have success as a console.

At least the founders are rich now.

BlackPanther1211d ago

The only Android console I can see being successful is the nVidia 4K Android TV one.

BillytheBarbarian1211d ago

I didn't know it came out. Poor marketing and tablet games equal doom.

DeadlyFire1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

It seriously lacked alot of things. I believe it was doomed from the start to have a pop and then go downhill.

Android consoles don't even aim to be on par with Nintendo's WiiU so they will not be relevant to gamers. Sure some cheap easy access to game development is nice, but its hard to lure anyone when Unreal 4, Source 2, Cryengine 3 all have free highly scaleable engines on the net.

I think if one tried to enter the console market head to head with serious effort it could do something, but most of the time companies think cheap quick cash in is the only way to get it going so they never go beyond that.

Agent_00_Revan1211d ago

There was literally no marketing for this other than the Kickstarter. After it was released I never saw a single tv or print ad. If I hadn't been a backer, I prpbably wouldn't have known about it either.

I did see some sitting on shelves at Best Buy at some point. So they carried it for a while.

I sold mine a few months ago, amazingly, for almost what I paid for it. Feel bad for that person.

brianunfried1211d ago

That's too bad, I'll keep my OUYA anyways. I use it all the time for XBMC and playing emulators.

iTechHeads1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

No one cares though. The fact this is even being reported on is surprising.