Life Is Strange Episode 4 available to download now

Neil writes "One of the best episodic titles of recent times is Life Is Strange. The fourth episode is out right now!"

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DarkOcelet1235d ago

Will be downloading this right now.

rainzor1235d ago

Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes

LonDonE1235d ago

Allready have it installed! my daughter is going nuts to come home early from my inlaws just to play it lol i have watched her and my wife play through it several times and its awesome!!

I myself wanna play it so bad but am waiting till they have released episode 5 so i can smash through it all back to back.

I love the engine they use too, i wish telltales walking dead used it.
That game technically on ps3 was a mess!
Any how enjoy the game pal.