PS4/PS3/PS Vita Exclusive Dragon Quest Builders Gets First Gameplay Video, Mixes Minecraft and RPG

A little while ago Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Builders, basically a mash-up between Dragon Quest and Minecraft, mixing building and RPG Elements.

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DarkOcelet1211d ago

So this is basically DragonCraft. Not bad especially if you are a fan of the series.

I love how Square is making a game for everyone. Thats a great strategy to build a fanbase for the series and the characters.

OB1Biker1211d ago

I would love this game to play with my kid.. a change from minecraft

breakpad1211d ago

i choose this over Minecrosoft-craft any time

Thunder_G0d_Bane1211d ago


Eeshh you were Reaching with that one brah

-Foxtrot1211d ago

Despite being Minecraft at it's core it looks like it has more content then Minecraft has today...despite being out for year and having content updates.

I feel they've given up on Minecraft these days.

I mean we are just getting a dual wielding option in the next update. Something that should have been in years ago.

NukaCola1211d ago

This really makes me wish someone would make a current gen RPG MAKER.

fenome1211d ago

Same here, especially with the power of the new consoles, and then people could put their games online. It could be like LBP but with full-blown RPGs, it would be awesome!

FallenAngel19841211d ago

Anything with Dragon Quest in the name will sell big in Japan

MasterCornholio1211d ago

I like that it looks much better than Minecraft. Hopefully it will be as deep as it.

SaveFerris1211d ago

I'm surprised that there isn't a version for 3DS or WiiU.

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