PS4/PS3/PS Vita Exclusive Dragon Quest Heroes II Gets Japanese Release Window, First Key Artwork

During a livestreamed presentation, Square Enix showcased the first key artwork of Dragon Quest Heroes II, also providing a relase window.

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DarkOcelet1235d ago

I didnt know there were that many DQ games out there lol. They announced way too many games for many platforms.

Still waiting for DQXI.

Come on already.

On Topic: I guess DQ Heroes one sold well for this to happen. Thats good news.

gokuking1234d ago

DQH2 was announced like 2 weeks after the first game came out in Japan.

3-4-51234d ago

@darkOcelet -uhh these games were in development before the release of DQ Heroes so that factoring into these releases is non-existent.

FallenAngel19841235d ago

Release the PS3 version internationally this time

Lev19031235d ago

I thought it was gonna release this year. I know alot of ps fans of this site wanted to play it this year.

italiangamer1235d ago

The first Dragon Quest Heroes is coming in the West on October.

ninsigma1235d ago

Wait, didn't the first one release not so long ago, or am I just completely off the mark??

FarEastOrient1235d ago

Western release of the first one is October.

ninsigma1235d ago

But I thought they only announced the first one for Japan like last autumn and now there's a release window for the second in Japan?? Not even a year between announcements unless I am super wrong here.

FarEastOrient1235d ago

DQ Heroes 2, oh man I need to hurry up and finish the first one.