Dragon Ball Xenoverse Marketing And Localization Survey Launched

Bandai Namco has launched a Dragon Ball Xenoverse marketing and localization survey, where players can express their opinion on the game

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Majin-vegeta1207d ago

I really need to get back to playing this.Been awhile.

NobodyEpic1207d ago ShowReplies(1)
kingdomtriggers1207d ago

I hope they really follow through with this sub-franchise because it has a lot of potential.

Bhuahahaha1207d ago

9. What is/are the negative point(s) of this game? (Other negative point(s))

i wrote transformation for frieza race
2.saiyan didnt change hair form when turning super
3.i want android and kai race


REDDURT1207d ago

it got boring real quick...but it was fun