Nintendo Turns Up the Nostalgia in New Super Mario Maker Trailer

There are a lot of reasons to love Mario. Nintendo’s mustachioed mascot has starred in some of the greatest games of all time, and the Japanese company’s upcoming Super Mario Maker is a celebration of the plumber’s incredible 30-year history.

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R00bot1212d ago

This game looks incredible. I can't wait to play it this year, it'll be great to see what people can do with it.

joab7771211d ago

I don't know how much time I will have to create, but the beauty is that you never have to. Hopefully there's a good system in place for highlighting the best creations.

And is this trailer conveying the idea that we can remake all the old Marios?

Kevlar0091211d ago

There will be a rating system, and the better your score the more you can upload at a time.

You can recreate just about anything, even alternate areas. And if a game didn't originally have an asset it will have a version made in its style. Also each style retains its physics, so each gen will play like they used to and each level will change physics as you switch styles.

iplay1up21211d ago

I am looking forward to this more and more. At first I really wasnt, but the more I see the more I like.

1211d ago
franwex1211d ago

I'm excited to play many cool user created levels. I'm not really the creative type myself. I'm the playing type!

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