King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember Isn’t Working On PlayStation 4

Welcome to the digital age of gaming! Here we are, one hour after King’s Quest A Knight To Remember is supposed to be up and it is unplayable. You are told to download a patch that doesn’t exist!

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spacedelete1212d ago

its an Activision game what did you expect ?

thekhurg1212d ago

Mine isn't working either, but that's because I tried to buy it for $19.99, not $39.99.

italiangamer1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Well this sure is a NIGHT to remember...

slappy5081212d ago

They should have rather called it a day to forget

MilkMan1212d ago

calm down. I buy all my games digital and aside from a a couple of missteps i love it. This will get sorted out. No worries.

Dark_Overlord1212d ago

No offense to you, but this is the problem with gaming nowadays. The release it now and fix it later crap has to stop >:( And I can't believe people accept it?! Games should work on release, not however many weeks/months later when they decide to fix it (that's even if they do).

It's one of the reasons I wait for GOTY/Complete editions of games (that and all the DLC is included for a cheaper price).

Nightmar3Demom1212d ago

Well said. There really isn't any excuse to release a game that isn't finished. I can understand the odd glitch or something that in reality can be easily overlooked, but there isn't any excuse for this practice to continue.

MilkMan1212d ago

I agree 100%
I was speaking more as an exception to the rule. I'm assuming this was a technical glitch. I don't think a publisher, especially Sierra (struggling) wants their game not working right out the gates.

I'm assuming this was a mistake of some-kind.

Now, as a whole, this practice of ship now, fix later, is total bullsh*t.

KilluaX31212d ago



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