Godzilla Review | Angry Joe Show

"JoeJaguar & GodzillaJoe take part in an Epic Battle to Review Godzilla The Video Game. Find out just how bad this travesty is for non-fans and fans alike! Expect more people."

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Ezz20131210d ago

This game is indeed Crap....i'm loving it soo far.

SuperStatePro1210d ago

It's absolute crap. $60 for garbage like this is a big middle finger to godzilla fans.

Sureshot1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I assumed Joe would've loved this game... Since its simplistic and he sucks at games.

Also Joejaguar and Godzillajoe? How about Joeguar and Joezilla? Missed opportunity!

DarkOcelet1210d ago

Other Joe entrance was so damn hilarious :D

I love this channel. Great review.

ironfist921210d ago

At least we see Godzilla fight in this

*cough movie *cough*

Captain_Wormy1210d ago

"F*ck you give me money!" Lol. I lost it when they were hiding behind the building.

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