The Conduit E3 2008: Weapons Montage

Would you like a taste?

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phantomexe3708d ago

nice can't wait to play it...god wish nintendo cut highvoltage a break let us download a demo on the wii

jtucker783708d ago

Erm... What would you download the demo onto?

Look how detailed the Conduit models and environments are (for a Wii) Most PS3 demos are 1GB. The Wii's storage is half that. Even if this was 256MB (A quarter of a standard PS3 demo) then Nintendo wouldn't sanction a demo that uses up half the Wii's available storage space.
This is a hardcore Wii title. How many hardcore Wii owners have a half of their storage free?
512MB is fine for Wii Channels, a couple of VC games and a few basic WiiWare titles, but not a demo of a commercial title of this standard with detailed models like this.
(Although I would love to be proved wrong on this. If the Wii could handle demos like this it would be excellent.)

On topic... ...this game looks great. It looks way better now than the early videos. The Conduit is easily the most wanted Wii title for me. Mad World looks good, but this looks fantastic.

Boom3708d ago

Still amazes me. Just that blue glow from it looks so bad ass!