tri-Ace's New JRPG is Exist Archive: The Other Side of The Sky for PS4 and PS Vita

It was supposed to be announced on Wednesday, but Famitsu spilled the beans on the new JRPG created by tri-Ace and published by Spike Chunsoft.

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gokuking1208d ago

Good that it's on Vita because that's the version I'll play.

Good that it's on PS4 because that's the userbase that will pay for its localization.

Eonjay1208d ago

Tri-Ace on Vita does sound like the best thing ever.

Abash1208d ago

The characters look pretty interesting, can't wait to hear more

bouzebbal1208d ago

definitely good news for PS consoles and Jrpg lovers.
I do believe it's a bad idea this game gets revealed today cause it will be overshadowed by the Dragon Quest game being revealed the same day.
Happy PS4 and Vita owner.. looking forward to more screens

blackblades1208d ago

Could of just said it's good that's it's on both systems yadayadayada.

killacal131208d ago

They have not mentioned localization, have they?

Eonjay1208d ago

Technically, they haven't mentioned the game at all. I don't suppose that the Famitsu leak would be privy to localization info.

blackblades1208d ago

Lol people were saying conception III.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )


It didn't have anything to do with babies and stars LOL

and tri-ace didnt develop it

ZaWarudo1208d ago

Probably because of this

This was before we knew about the tri-Ace collaboration.

theshredded1208d ago

Intruiging, localization is a must

italiangamer1208d ago

Another PlayStation exclusive...*YAWN*

LgbtWarrior1208d ago

Playstation is king. Its actually a game with a story and not fps so it's not on xbox.

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