Xbox Summer Spotlight Brings 25 Digital Games Over The Next Five Weeks

The spiritual successor to the old Summer of Arcade is finally here and it starts this week. The Summer Spotlight event showcases twenty-five digital Xbox One games that will launch between July 29th and August 31st. A new trailer for this promotion was just posted on the Xbox YouTube channel:

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Lenrulesdaworld1210d ago

Whats Crazy is we had something to do with the return of summer of arcade lol. I love being able to talk to these guys one on one and have them listen to our suggestions. From both us and the fans, so awesome, love tem xbox.

Automatic791209d ago

@Lenrules love your podcast and thanks for the heads up regarding summer spotlight. I thought to my self "finally". Lol Any word on the list of titles would love to know what I want to pick in advanced.

Lenrulesdaworld1209d ago

I'm not sure at the moment but i'll ask the [email protected] team and get back to you bro. Also thank you for listening & supporting us bro.

ScorpiusX1209d ago

All day one buys for me , can't wait may need to get extra external hard drives.

traumadisaster1209d ago

I mean this is great but I need more info. Was that He-Man for crying old loud?

How much? Why soooo many in so little time? Space out to 1 per week or even 1 per day.

Discount for buying the entire package?

Lenrulesdaworld1209d ago

lol he-man is a playable character in toy soldiers, i'll work on getting a list for the games.

FlexLuger1209d ago

The return of summer arcade. On a side note..I noticed some of my Xbox 360 arcade games in the 'ready to install' section of my games library. Pretty awesome.

generalthadeape1209d ago

Not "pretty" awesome-- more like "VERY" awesome!

FlexLuger1208d ago

Yup! I supermeatboy, perfect dark, both versions of toy soldiers ( bought em both in sales. Never actually got round to playing them) N+..and I wont be downloading the last one again, but the others, for sure! The ready to install list will probably keep growing, so ill always know when BC is ready on my digital X360 games. And half of my X360 games were digital. Thats A LOT of games. Many of which I never actually played. Just bought em cheap and never found the time. :)

I need my treasure games sorted ASAP (radiant silvergun, ikaruga, guardian heroes etc.)

xX1NORM1Xx1209d ago

Well this explains why magic duels was delayed so long on Xbox they wanted to get in on this promotion makes sense more publicity just sucked them not saying anything at all other than soon