Dragon Quest 11’s Logo and Title Leaked Ahead of July 28 Reveal

As Square Enix was preparing for their official reveal of Dragon Quest XI during a live stream on July 28, their logo and title were leaked. With the information leaked it looks like the next subtitle in the Dragon Quest line is “In Search of Departed Time.”

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kalkano1153d ago

It's been confirmed as a console game. We don't know which one(s), but 3DS is out as a possibility.

kalkano1152d ago

Unless they make the game which case their statements are still true for one version.

*inb4 pointing and laughing*

WeAreLegion1152d ago

@3-4-5 - This is an old article that had to be resubmitted. You'll notice kalkano's comment is from 21 hour ago.

3-4-51152d ago

already confirmed for both...what is this article ?

Majin-vegeta1152d ago

This article was submitted yesterday before it was revealed.

bycody1152d ago

During the live stream it was confirmed that it's being released for 3DS. Really excited about that.

SoapShoes1152d ago

PS4 and 3DS and possibly NX at a later date. Old article got bumped!

1152d ago