The Most Addictive NES Games

Kick it old school with these classic NES games, which remain lots of fun, despite their primitive appearances.

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theusedfake3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

with Tecmo Bowl, I think a few others should
have been included though, like:
Dr. Mario
baseball stars
Ghostbusters 2
& bubble bobble

at least they were addicting to me anyway

pharmd3641d ago

tecmo bowl was off the chain, as was contra......

2 of my alltime faves on NES

DarkSniper3641d ago

This is a decent list.

However they forgot such quality titles like..

Journey To Silius
Kings of The Beach
Double Dribble
Tecmo NBA Basketball
Tecmo World Cup (the only RPG soccer game of it's kind)
Mega Man 2
TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project
Star Tropics
Ninja Gaiden


DA_SHREDDER3641d ago

So many titles that I cant just name one. I could name like 50 of the top of my head that were way addicting,, even today they are. Battle of Olympus, Snake Rattle N Roll, Battletoads. The list can go on and on.

sumfood4u3641d ago

Video tell u how fun this game is!

meatnormous3641d ago

I have the game on the VC on my wii. I really couldn't believe it was on there. I never could get the passwords to work though so I always beat it in one sitting.

Rute3641d ago

Anyone played Fester's Quest on NES? I think the labyrinths in the buildings were my first 3D experience. The lack of passwords made it frustrating, but overall it was a nice game.

I also liked the casual friendly games like Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. Even my mom played those games.

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