5 Frustrating Moments in Classic Nintendo Games

N247: Sometimes playing games can lead to alarming levels of frustration. Maybe it’s because the entire level is too damn hard or maybe it’s because that one annoying enemy is just too much of a hassle to deal with. And I’m not talking about bad games; these are genuinely good games that many people have played and enjoyed, myself included. So from experience, I’m going to talk about 5 of some of the most frustrating moments in classic Nintendo games (NES to N64).

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meatnormous1212d ago

No super metroid wall jumping?

TheROsingleB1212d ago

No, because that little animal trio teaches you the skills. Wall jumping in Super Metroid is actually really forgiving with PLENTY of time between those floaty jumps.

NukaCola1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Fighting Mother Brain in the original Metroid was very frustrating. Lava, Rings and lasers plus the eye... ahhhh

manaxknight11212d ago

fighting the metroids always freaked me out tho.

1212d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1212d ago

There were a couple of quests in DK64 that had me mad, once upon a time.XD

But I think the birds in Ninja Gaiden take the cake.

YosefH641212d ago

2 words: Water Temple.

Im surprised this hasnt been mentioned yet.

The Original Ocarina of Time's water temple was so frustrating

1212d ago