IGN review of MLB Power Pros 2008

Bozon writes for IGN:
"Not much has changed since last year, but what has was done so for the better. The graphics remain nearly the same (which is a shame… why not push the Wii harder, specifically?),but there's even more varied commentary this time around, and the new MLB Life mode adds even more into the mix. You'll get more options, a bit more on the stat tracking side, even more create-a-player options (both in general, and worked into the very different Success Mode and MLB Life created players) and can still rock well over 100 hours should you so choose. Wii fans may be discouraged to find that their game hasn't come nearly as far as some expected from year to year – no online for either version, no Wii modes improved over last year, and no added Mii integration or remote play for all extra modes – but the core game is still extremely impressive, and a value that'll kick the crap out of nearly every other sports game on the market."

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zzyzx3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

It might be so far, though that isn't saying much. 2k's other efforts for the Wii (MLB2k8 and Top Spin) both have their moments, but both feel unfinished. EA's NCAA Football 09 is absolute garbage. EA's heavy hitters are still to be released (Tiger Woods and Madden), but the All-Play version of NCAA is bad enough to make you skeptical.

Really, the only competition is Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. The great thing is that neither has a full $49.99 price tag. The choice is yours, Wii owners. You can pick up *both* MLBPP and Pro Evo 08 new for about $70 and have two great, and completely different, Wii sports games, or you can spend $30 more on two wretched (if NCAA is any guide) "All-Play" titles and help enable the corporate laziness that is EA Sports.