Super Smash Bros. Should Be Integral To Nintendo's NX Future

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As I'm somewhat reliant on Nintendo success to put food on the table and amiibo on the shelf - the clue's in the site's name - I sometimes ponder and get genuinely concerned about the company. I think Nintendo will be 'fine', courtesy of its talented staff and billions of dollars in the bank, so my concern centres around its place in the dedicated gaming system markets. Nintendo will potentially make a lot of money from smart devices and, with the aforementioned resources at its disposal, can sustain itself and evolve as a business with such comfort that it can afford bumps along the road.

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Cindy-rella1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

First and foremost they should care about third party games going to the new system but it seems like Nintendo most likely will talk up third party like they do when launching a new system but it suffers third party support. I would think a Nintendo website would want Nintendo to succeed and not go the same route that got all their home consoles to fail since n64. If i have to explain how wii failed then you do not want to hear

imXify1235d ago

Reviving forgotten first party games should be integral to the NX. Games like F-Zero GX, Metroid or even Super Mario Striker comes to mind

This and 3rd party support.

Moonman1235d ago

Metroid (proper is virtually confirmed for NX. According to the producer of Prime and

TheOtherVitaOwner1235d ago

No, unfortunately, all those two did was rule out the possibility of a new Metroid coming to the wii U. Their precise words were if a Metroid game were to enter development now it would have to be an NX title. They didn't confirm anything about a Metroid game actually being in development. I wouldn't hold my breath for a launch title Metroid game for the NX if they didn't even have a team assigned to the project prior to E3.

OhMyGandhi1235d ago

I know for so many people, myself included, it's quite fun to poke at Nintendo, but this is becoming quite tragic.
The real question is, How is Nintendo going to leverage the added power of the NX for use in its own franchises. Obviously, all of this is assuming the new system is a console, and not a portable system.

I understand that so many people fear that, visually speaking, core franchises will attempt "gritty realism", and that Link, like Lara from the Tomb Raider reboot, will be bloodied, bruised, dirt encrusted on his face, wrapping a thin piece of cloth around his arm to stave off infection, and blood loss.

I don't believe this will ever happen, but that doesn't mean visual fidelity can't be improved in so many other ways.
While the art style can remain consistent, things like better grass, water, lighting, draw distance, particle effects, environmental texture improvements, and others can make these games better then every before without changing "the feel" of the game.

I know this is going off on a tangent, but hear me out.
Metroid Prime on the Gamecube opened my eyes to what Nintendo can accomplish when they try for a darker tone. It gave us a absolutely gorgeous game, one that still LOOKS good, even to this day. The game had impeccable lighting and shadows, particle effects, and silky smooth gameplay (was it 60 frames? I don't remember) and my favorite little effect was something that wasn't even needed, but furthered the immersion of the game's own atmosphere and world building: I loved that my visor fogged up when I went under a vent pipe, or that ice would collect on the corners of the visor, and subsequently start to melt and drain down the sides of my face when I moved indoors. That kind of attention worked perfectly for the game, and made the game FEEL warmer or colder, depending on the effect on display.

Like I said when I opened this comment, this is just wishful thinking from someone who'd like to see Nintendo bring about a new, more powerful home console.

RPGrinder1235d ago

^ Smash is very important

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