BrainDump Breaks Down Microsoft Surface

BrainDump Writes: "Every so often, a technology comes along that looks downright revolutionary, with the ability to affect everything we do. Sometimes, though, that technology doesn't make it out of the lab, or by the time it does, it seems less relevant somehow. That doesn't seem to be the case with Microsoft Surface, however. Keep reading to learn more about this new user interface that may soon be showing up everywhere.

Computer and technology trade shows are about coming out with the latest and greatest products of the time. Typically they pull out all the stops and get a product there in any condition, as long as it has a nice looking case to show off. Heck even sometimes that is all we see, a case of a concept device that the company might be working on. It reminds me of all those dummy phones at the cell phone companies that have a sticker on the screen and nothing on the inside.

Sometimes we get working demos of devices. They are functional devices that work, but usually have a few bugs, and the company just wants to show us what it's working on. Or maybe we'll see an update on one of those dummy devices, to show everyone that they really are making such a device. From here, the device is usually left as a conceptual device, one to prove a technology and scrapped, but usually incorporated into devices later down the road. Sometimes the device actually makes it to store shelves and becomes a hit.

When Microsoft showed the public the first glimpse of the Surface technology, I thought this would end up as a concept and not make it anywhere near public for quite some years. Usually software makes it all the way through concept to pubic because it doesn't take a heck of a lot to go from working model to beta to public release. The Surface is actual hardware along with software, so I thought that it wouldn't make it off the trade show floors.

It appears that I was wrong, and the Surface has a decent chance to make it to the general public. Surface has the technology to change everything from a corporate boardroom down to the dining room table. We will explore what Surface is, and what makes it so revolutionary."

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wibble3707d ago

so it's a big iphone?

There's rumours going around that Apple has a tablet pc coming out soon which is basically going to work just like an iPhone. So Microsoft is a little slow if they hope to release theirs in 2010.

Jeff Minter (remember him?) was dreaming about something just like this in an article back in the 90s.

Millah3707d ago

Yea if Apple releases this supposed "Macbook Touch" this year, its over, Apple will have it on lock. A Macbook with full OSX utilizing iPhone technology sounds so amazinggggg, I can't wait for September to roll around and see what Apple has in store for the Macbook redesigns as well as hopefully this Touch model.

thewhoopimen3707d ago

I see it no more than a marketing gimmick. On the otherhand, it might be big in the retail environments... but I think it will be too expensive for restaurants as the author guesses. You can just use a simple touchscreen for orders and games. Ie it will replace the static plasma screens in the mall... that's about it.

RAM MAGNUMS3707d ago

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this is more retarded than the play by play political calls
guy on CNN .
what a dork!
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hands. Just tell me the polls you idiot.

Anyways... Let's play whack a mole by sending a message
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nstott3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Surface bridges the gap between the computer and physical objects. So instead of dragging things onto a virtual representation of your mobile phone you actually drag pictures, music, etc to your mobile phone. Based on wi-fi, bluetooth, rfid, or barcodes, and the dlp projectors built in, surface can tell where an object is on it and which object you are dragging it to. In time it may be able to recognize objects by the way they look. Saying it is equivalent to an iphone or any forthcoming macbook is like saying the motorola flip phone is the same as an iphone.

thanks for posting this article.