Buzz Trivializes PS3 Home


"The astonishingly popular PS2 and PS3 quiz show game, Buzz!, will have a room in the upcoming Home interface on the PS3. According to a blog by one of the designers of the Buzz! Home space (which he calls the Buzz: Road Show), players will be able to stand on various colored lights to submit their answers, and up to 64 people will be able to play at a time."

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Dark vader3673d ago

Home is looking very promising, I hope it delivers.

Real Gambler3673d ago

Never played the Sims (and have the whole collection, since there's an addict in the house). Always thought home was useless... But with the theme rooms showing up at E3, and then this awesome integration of Buzz, I'm starting to think that you will see me wander around this place called Home. Very scary. Sony must definitively be on the right track with it I guess, since they are slowly making me change my mind.

jwatt3673d ago

It's really good to see sony doing this because I always thought Sony should have live games like jeopardy inside Home. Then all of a sudden M$ shows off this thing called Prime time with 1 vs 100 and I'm like wow Ms beat them to the punch. It's good to see Home is heading in that direction.

chaosatom3673d ago

yeah was going to say the same thing.

THC CELL3673d ago

sorry but ps3 had this idea before if u look at the screens it states august 2007

supahbad3673d ago

still MS got the jump on them, and probably prompted this premature release of info

jwatt3673d ago

Yea I'm pretty sure Sony had the idea fisrt but it just seemed like M$ 1uped them by announcing it. Either way I'm happy this type of stuff will be apart of Home.

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Mr_Showtime13673d ago

Heres an idea, get the memo out to all them devs to have thier stuff ready for home, so you release it with only one game compatible!

THC CELL3673d ago

the idea is not stolen look at that dates and if u watch the home dev interview they sated this ages ago also with something like clan games in game music concerts and more

Microsoft have nothing more than Crap on my eyes

Wont be long before we see more game shows.

Kirstenlottesovs3673d ago

This just gets better and better

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