Realm Of The Flesh - Greenlight Pre-Alpha Gameplay

One Angry Gamer "Dark Illusions Entertainment is holding nothing back as far as content and over-the-top violence, gore and sex are concerned. Tons of bare breasts, genitalia physics, and dismemberment – Realm of the Flesh goes all in. You can see how the game looks with the gameplay prototype video below, which is very much NSFW."

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SaveFerris1211d ago

Looks similar to Resident Evil, except with more nudity.

Docknoss1210d ago

Awesome! Nothing worse than SJW's

morganfell1210d ago

Day One Purchase No Matter What. These SJW jerks need to be shown the middle finger.

SilentNegotiator1210d ago


Don't waste your time trying to resist SJWs with sales (especially if the game ends up being bad). SJWs have proven time and time again that they don't actually support games just because the dev tries to appeal to them.

Maxor1210d ago

I would buy this just to piss off the SJW and femi nazis, assuming the price is reasonable.

BeefCurtains1210d ago

I only clicked on the article because of the picture of the... Gun...

morganfell1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )


Even if I know the guy that rudely cuts me off in traffic isn't paying attention, he still gets the horn and the finger.

Besides every penny counts toward monetary success and more companies saying, "That sells" This creates more angst and holes for them to try and plug.

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Testfire1210d ago

It looks incredibly boring to me.

Scatpants1210d ago

Combat looks terrible, but it is early footage. As much as I like nudity I think I'll pass.

Kavorklestein1210d ago

Animations are awful but with refinement it could be interesting.

Super_Ninja1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Is anybody going to make normal games any more or is everybody going to be making 'Game that pisses off the ____ crowd' from now on?

remixx1161210d ago

People enjoy being "rebellious" or "making a stand" its not my kind of a thing to play a game that's trying to make a statement torwards a certain crowd.....typically ends up as a bad game....

I play games to enjoy myself.

Godmars2901210d ago

Rebellious against who? A win for SJW means that market data for mainstream gaming gets tossed out the window in favor ideological BS in which even fun isn't suppose to be a consideration, so the industry will effectively crash. The only thing that survives is a thoroughly corrupt indie scene where the gaming media promotes "proper" games but has less and less money coming in because only that same circle is buying anything as the big money goes away.

Meanwhile a second indie scene, made up of blacklisted devs, appears bring with it attention, money and the utter disdain from mainstream gaming which has lost any and all credibility with the mainstream market, largely castrated itself from it, so continues to dwindle as gaming resurges.

masterfox1210d ago

lol it sure does the developer is having lots of fun creating this stuff or is just a maniac fulfilling his mental craziness.

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