Xbox's Phil Spencer Talks Gamescom, ChinaJoy, Crackdown Gameplay's Nostalgia and Xbox 360's Future

Microsoft’s Xbox Division boss Phil Spencer is about to depart for Shanghai, where he’ll attend the local trade show ChinaJoy but before boarding the plane, he talked about a few interesting details.

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tinynuggins1210d ago

So excited to finally see some Scalebound footage. Hey, can anyone tell me what the com in gamescom stands for? I've looked online but can't find the origin. If it ended in CON it would be CONVENTION but what is COM? Bubbles for anyone that can help me out. Thanks!

crazychris41241210d ago

It means to start saving money cuz the GAMES are a COMing

christocolus1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I hope we don't start getting leaks from insiders before the show. I don't want them spoiling the surprise announcements for everyone.

Kal0psia1209d ago


Well we made it this far. Microsoft has been doing pretty good so far at preventing leaks.

Sureshot1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )


Wait that doesn't seem right. Maybe it's is from the German word for Convention?

Edit: nope the German word is Konvention lol

Dammit now I wanna know!

Abriael1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

It is indeed Games Community as Sureshot guessed. Funnily, the original German trade show was in Leipzig and was called Games Convention, abbreviated GC or GamesCon by some.

After GC was shut down (in 2008, if I remember correctly, even if they had an "online" event for a couple years longer), they started Gamescom in Cologne in 2009.

tinynuggins1210d ago

Thanks! Bubbles to you and sureshot. :)

d_g1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

gamescom going to be epic with all these games Crackdown,quantum break,scalebound...etc

i even made a fan trailer for it

christocolus1210d ago

Nice. Next week is going to be an interesting one.

4Sh0w1209d ago


-That was a hot trailer bro, you should do another one after Gamescom with some fresh new gameplay from Crackdown, Scalebound, and Quantum Break.

-Anyway again, great job on that fan made trailer.

Kurisu1210d ago

Never owned an Xbox before but those 3 games are ones that I'm really intrigued to see more of. Honestly I can see myself getting an Xbox One in November to play Tomb Raider (pretty sure there will be a bundle) as a year wait is a long time.

Rookie_Monster1210d ago

If you never owned a xbox before, then along with all those great new xb1 games , you can play many X360 games on it for the cheap when BC is release in the Fall. That and many windows 10 apps and games will find it a way on the system as well. It is really "one" Box That Does Everything In Your Living room.

spicelicka1210d ago

You might want to try halo 5, biggest xbox release of the year. Unless you're not into those type of games.

CantBeStopped1209d ago

@ Kurisu

Not really, a year will go by before you know it and there will be plenty yo play in the mean time. Not to mention with the way things have been going this gen it would probably be best to wait anyway.

jackwei221210d ago

Reboot the Brute Force Franchise please Phil!!

ThinkThink1210d ago

I'll take a crimson skies sequel if we're placing orders here :) and a 3rd person perfect dark please.

christocolus1209d ago

Agreed. Perfect dark and crimson skies would be cool. You should read this too. Its all speculation but the guy thinks crimson skies will be announced at Gamescom

Elit3Nick1210d ago

Brute Force
Crimson Skies
Age of Empires
Banjo Kazooie
Lost Odyssey
Midtown Madness
Monster Truck Madness

Sorry if I missed any series worth mentioning, but MS is sitting on a lot of good IPs

javauns1210d ago

Jade empire would be nice, and getting the rights to a baseball game might be good too.

Paytaa1210d ago

Voodoo Vince
Rallisport Challenge

Also would like MS to do something with Jet Force Gemini since they own it now.
Always forget how many IP's were on the original Xbox and it's insane how the majority of them never saw sequels.

Rookie_Monster1210d ago

Javanus, I think MS still does own High Heat baseball IP if I remembered properly. Hoping they would use it and make a baseball game in the future.

Elit3Nick1210d ago

Wow I feel stupid for forgetting PGR and even Rallisport Challenge (coming from a huge racer fan). If they ever though of bringing back RSC maybe it can be the rumored Forza rally game, Forza Rallisport has a nice ring to it don't you think?

hades071209d ago

Its crazy how many good IPs Microsoft actually owns. They could easily have teams putting out new, different games each year.

Another series I would like to see a sequel too is Blast Corps. Loved that game on N64.

mark_parch1209d ago

forza rallisport makes sense because I'm sure phil spencer said they were looking at 3 year cycles for upcoming forza games as 2 years just won't be enough.

beans1209d ago

So much greatness! Any of you guys remember how awesome "Enclave" was and how we never got a reboot?

I would love to see Blood Wake and even Azurik again!

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PhoenixUp1210d ago

Is Microsoft going to have a conference at ChinaJoy

OpieWinston1209d ago

Probably but it isn't being streamed online. The goal is to reach out to Chinese gamers and make more connections.