Free XBL Silver Multiplayer Access "For a limited time"

GCO: "A rumor has been going around the net that Xbox Live is going free for select games until fall. Apparently that rumor was true."

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chaosatom3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

how many have silver out of 19 mil xbox? just wondering.

*reads the article*

"For a limited time" they are offering silver. wTF.

Shadow Flare3493d ago

.............*wind howls*.....................
......*tumbleweed*........... .......
............................. .............

For a limited time only, experience lag and racial abuse like you've never experienced it before!

Kratos Spartan3493d ago

but their is a buttload of cutscenes in MGS4. Do not try and convince anyone otherwise. Your first playthrough you really won't notice because it's put together so well. But if you skip them all, then you realize, HOLY CRAP! their are alot of them.

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solidsnakus3494d ago

looks like this is the end of '50$ for online hahaha' ps3 fanboys are running low on ammo.

The gaming GOD3494d ago

It's temporary.

If you're gonna start fanboy fights, at least do us all a favor and have FULL knowledge of that which you speak

solidsnakus3494d ago

i have mgs4.... but mgs3 hands down just ownd it. way better story, bosses, and location,and wasnt 50/50 on cutscenes.

The gaming GOD3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I too have the game and beaten Mgs4

"50/50" cutscences was reviewers way of trying to find something negative to say because it was ps3 exclusive.

And Mgs3 was pretty much just like part 4 in terms of the cutscene to action ratio.

And yeah, I have a 360 as well as the ps3. So I'm just waiting for someone to try and call "ps3 fanboy" on me

proArchy3494d ago

Only for a limited time, AND on limited titles. I'm not sure how many titles offer cross platform play, but those are the ONLY ones able to be played online with a Silver account.

Tmac3494d ago

How is 20 hours of gameplay and 10 hours of cutscenes 50/50, where did you learn math?

danarc3493d ago


"Did you even read the article?"

Erm... did he even read the title...

mfwahwah3493d ago

This is such a win, you can now play ~5 games for FREE!!!!!

I'll stick to free online for my full collection.

proArchy3493d ago

At least that means people can play UT3 for free. That's worth getting excited for.

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SmokingMonkey3494d ago

"who's the bigger fool? the fool, or the fool(s) that follows him?"

fools pay for stuff others get for free (online play)

Imallvol73494d ago

That's really too bad. I was fixing to gain a ton of respect for the 360, but they blew it again. If anyone wants to start a petition to make Xbox Live free, I will gladly sign and drop my membership. However, if no one wants to do that, I guess I will have to begrudgingly pay to play Halo online.

Adamalicious3494d ago

If gamers really want Microsoft to get the message that we don't want to pay to play online on the 360 then we have to stop paying for it. You can complain as loud as you want and sign all the petitions you want, but all they care about is the money.

proArchy3494d ago

unfortunately I have this sneaking suspicion that MS is overdue on announcing a price increase for a Gold accounts, and this might be an attempt to hook people who haven't taken the online plunge before they raise the price. This has nothing to do with fanboyism or anything, this just makes business sense.

spandexxking3494d ago

thats the only reason why i pay for gold, to play halo:(

potenquatro3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

in my gamertag bio and motto you'll read "MAKE LIVE CHEAPER!!!" and i've made all my 39 friends put the same thing on their gamertag. maybe u should try that. if enuff people say it, maybe just maybe(or maybe not) they'll listen. but i don't think it'll be free. i'm ready to pay for PSN if it means they'll do it better. online networks are the future of gaming imho(see Valve), and i support whoever does it right. its obvious were MS puts its resources and it's paying off, literally.

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cliffbo3494d ago

what? i thought that Silver was already free? do you mean to say that all those people that argued Live did have a free option were not entirely telling the truth?

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