Street Fighter V Beta Postponed Due To Server Issues - Take Note Other Developers

Today Capcom’s own ComboFiend announced that the Street Fighter V Beta would be postponed until further notice.

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ZeroSkerbo1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I hope everyone sees this as a good thing, we all deserve the best game possible at launch and these are the things that need to happen to get us there.

Kane221239d ago

sadly people won't. they'll just complain that they can't play ....

rdgneoz31239d ago

Betas are suppose to find bugs and fine tune the game. Just think of what could have happened with unity, BF4, Sim City, or PC Dark Knight if they did a little more bug testing before they released.

You figure people want to be able to play a game their spend money on when it hits retail, not be beta testers for the first week or longer.

Cindy-rella1239d ago

Crash dummy severely injured in test car - take note car manufacturers.

spacedelete1239d ago

what the hell you smoking ? the retail launch will have problems as well i guarantee you that. people forget Battlefield 4 had a beta before release as well and look what happened to that.

ocelot071239d ago

Yer on PS3/360 and PC. Not on PS4/XBOne

Hoffmann1239d ago

Come on..while I want to agree with you, lets not give up hope already that it can be better this time and the beta might be really useful.

spacedelete1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

would have made no difference but keep kissing ass. i'm sure you find broken games acceptable but i don't. this beta couldn't even handle 10,000 people so how the hell will it handle millions on release. you damn ass kissers are a cancer to gaming.

Revolver_X_1239d ago


Cynical people like you are whats wrong with the community. Leave and never come back.

Serg1239d ago

Your second post is the definition of stupid...

You want rock solid games, yet here you are trying to downplay a beta test for a game that isn't due for at least 7-8 months... I am speechless at the shear amount of idiocy you managed to type down.

Do I need to type this out in all caps for your tiny brain to process this? THIS IS NOT THE FINAL RELEASE, THIS IS MEANT TO BE A TEST.

This is the problem publishers created with their "get into beta by preordering" crap. People like that think this is a way to play the game early and real, meaningful betas get lumped into the same drawer. This is the result.

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crazysammy1239d ago

Thank you for saying this. Honestly people its a BETA to test out any potential misfirings the launch might have. True some "Betas" come out and are much more ready to go and more polished. This one wasn't.

Stop freaking out about a TEST going poorly when that is entirely the reason it was done.

Iluvtrim1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Sony and Capcom broke. No money for servers. I c an incomplete game shipping. With many patches later. I wouldn't buy that for a dollar.

FallenAngel19841239d ago

Meanwhile the final release of Halo TMCC is still suffering network issues more than eight months after release

spacedelete1239d ago

you fanboys can't let go of Halo even though theres a game that was even worse online called "Driveclub". double standards much ?

Sora_19941239d ago

Did he jus say driveclub is worst?? Because halo mcc still isnt working properly

Sm00thop1239d ago

I think the Halo problems boil more down to the fact that it's running on so many different engines, plus it was rushed out. Uncharted collection won't even have any online and its probably because its a right headache to get it working properly.

1239d ago
remixx1161239d ago

You mean the same way you can't let go of driveclub???

Which works flawlessly now.

Baka-akaB1239d ago

Oh surprise yet again the same troll with the same arguments in every SFV related topics

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Palitera1239d ago

Take note of what? It is a BETA.

Are you really acting like they would postpone a scheduled release date due to the same issues?

They only delayed it because it is only a beta.

FallenAngel19841239d ago

It's a good thing this happened in the beta and not the final version

StormSailor1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I'm loving this new way of thinking by Capcom. Before they did not care much to launch a material broken to the players, Now we can get unlockable DLC stuff just playing, without pay. I hope this is a resurrection of Capcom.

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