Rare Replay Does Pre-Ordering Right

The new Rare Replay trailer has given gamers a better reason to pre-order the game.

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TheColbertinator1208d ago

MS finally listened to fans wanting Jet Force Gemini in Xbox and I thank them and Rare.

Some people complain that the Ninty/Rare games are missing but to me a cup half empty is a cup half full.

ValKilmer1208d ago

I'm not sure why you wouldn't pre-order this game if you have an Xbox One. Microsoft is probably losing money on this labor of love, so it should be supported.

umair_s511208d ago

Yea, this is number 1 on my buy list right now

Rookie_Monster1208d ago

Insane is like $1 per game and some even include MP while other remasters cost more for a single game without any MP. Insane deal and a must have for XB1 gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.