6 Tips to Starting in Terraria’s Expert Mode

Terraria's Expert Mode is a lot harder than many would expect, which is why GamerU has created this list of tips to help even the most experienced player survive the recently added game mode.

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-Foxtrot1211d ago

Main one to remember is NEVER start Hardmode by beating the Wall of Flesh until you spend your time at containing the Crimson/Corruption as once Hardmode is activated they will spread faster.

Best way doing this is create a 4 block tunnel right down at the end of the corrupted biome so it doesn't spread. If you think it's ugly looking you can always fill it up with Gray bricks and create little watch towers. Corruption and Crimson don't affect brick blocks.

BenRage31210d ago

The article is about the new expert mode, not hard mode; they are two different things. Now you have the option to begin in a higher difficulty, with greater rewards, in addition to the option of defeating the Wall of Flesh and going to hardmode.

-Foxtrot1210d ago

Expert mode only heightens the difficulty and gets you more rewards.

My comment above still stands as it just makes the overall game easier.