6 things you need to know about Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming

Windows 10 launches tonight and here are the six things you need to know about streaming Xbox One games to a PC.

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overlordror1210d ago

Shame they haven't figured out how to let you stream your PC to your Xbox One yet. That'd make the Steam Link pretty obsolete.

BlackPanther1210d ago

Unless you don't have an Xbox One already. In that case it is $300 cheaper to get a Steam Link.

4Sh0w1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )


-Don't worry, it's coming....I'm sure they just want to take their time and get it right, afterall they are trying new stuff no other console has done before.

SpaceRanger1210d ago

You have to be on the same WiFi network? Really? That's a bummer in my opinion. It'd be cool if you could play on your tablet or laptop away from home, but that's obviously not the case. I mean that's the point of being able to stream and be mobile. Not so game on the go if you can't play it on things like plane or during a trip away from home.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1210d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

At E3, Phil was describing how much he likes the idea of people playing their games wherever they are... of leaving somewhere and then picking up elsewhere, right where they left off... I expect implying both through CrossTech and streaming.

I believe Ms will eventually allow logging into Windows 10 or XOs anywhere in the world and streaming games from other XOs or Windows 10 devices... IMO, that's far better than a pay service (such as PS Now) where that people can only rent games for that same "play anywhere" ability.

In other words, I expect all the advantages of local installs of owned\licensed to play forever games (not rented) combined with the ability to "play anywhere", other than for users that illogically rejected Microsoft's DRM and always online plans... for those people, I expect they'll have to phone home to ask, "Hey, can you please change out my Sony Blu-ray DRM, that works via manual labor, that everyone said was far better than what Ms wanted that eliminated this PITA and that also won't easily migrate to new console gens?"

Always expect those that naysay Ms end up fLAMER.

Edit: I suppose I should mention... yes, streaming to Vitas from home PS4 consoles is much the same idea... those that have tried that can vouch for it being the obvious future, how that disc DRM is a real problem with it, and how much better suited Ms is to such a solution than Sony, because Windows is far more common and Windows devices can do much more.

Eonjay1210d ago

Microsoft is in the strangest place when it comes to PC gaming. They have a bunch of Studios and IP... but if they are going after Steam (which is pretty obvious) then how do they leverage this without impacting the Xbox One in a negative way?

Well, game streaming for one helps.

uth111209d ago

That's their dilemma. SteamOS/Steam Box pose a threat to Windows if they gain traction. I believe that's one reason for their big PC gaming push. But the way they are doing it COULD weaken Xbox.

4Sh0w1209d ago

"..then how do they leverage this without impacting the Xbox One in a negative way?

Well, game streaming for one helps."

-Yeah pretty much, streaming from pc to xbox I would think isn't ideal, yet its now becoming a highly requested feature.

TXIDarkAvenger1210d ago

Guess I'll wait for the wireless adapter to be released.

TXIDarkAvenger1209d ago


|Microsoft has confirmed a wireless adapter will be released later this year, but when Windows 10 launches, you’ll need to have your controller wired to your PC.

Th3o1210d ago

This makes me want to buy an Xbox one:( I wish Ps4 had pc streaming...Ps Vita Streaming sucks...Sony needs to support it better.

I usually stream to my phone it works MUCH's almost as good as Wii.U's tablet. (You can do this on any phone now(ANDROID), I don't think u need to be Rooted)

Either way, when the price drops by 50$, I'm grabbing Halo collection edition + GOW game and doing a couch coop weekend!

uth111209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

you can Remote Play your PS4 on your PC this way:

uth111209d ago

I haven't tried it myself. I have a PS TV I use instead. But there are some youtube vids of it in action

I also thought I read that somebody was working on a separate PC remote play app, now I can't find the story.

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