First Impressions of the Xbox One, coming from a PS4 Owner


I’ve been with my new, shiny Xbox One for a couple of days now and I still can’t get over how massive it is. I was forced to add new furniture just so the Xbox One can sit comfortably; this of course has made my PlayStation 4 incessantly jealous.

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loopygames1235d ago

I was a PS4 owner before I bought the Xbox One.

I liked:
The amount of multimedia apps
Voice commands via Kinect
TV Calibration tool
Xbox One Guide for TV with USB Tuner. (My Sony TV stopped getting guide updates a few years ago)

I didn't liked:
Windows 8 UI. Didn't like how I need to open an app for everything similar to the PS Vita UI.
Downloading stuff doesn't show you how much MB or time you have left, just a percentage.
Installing games from disc takes a long longer than PS4

Most of the stuff I didn't like can be changed or improved through firmware updates so I'm overall happy with my purchase.

Pogmathoin1235d ago

What is the USB Tuner? I was thinking of getting the one that works with Antenna... Hauppage TV Stick... Anyone using this?

loopygames1235d ago


^It's this one that Microsoft announced a few months ago. I can pause live tv for 30 minutes, stream live tv to my iPad via smartglass or snap while playing a game, see what other shows are currently trending on xbox live. It's a pretty cool feature for someone like me that hasn't paid cable in years.

I use my Xbox One for exclusives, and multimedia stuff. I have most 3rd party titles on PS4.

Sunset Overdrive
Forza Horizon 2
Dead Rising 3
The Witcher 3

^Those are the titles I currently own.

Microsoft's aggressiveness with the Xbox One pricing is what mainly pushed me to get it. I really had no intentions of getting an Xbox One during this generation since I was happy with the PS4.

Rookie_Monster1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Great choice and reasons on getting the xbox one loopygames.

Swiggins1235d ago

I'm a PS4 only user who's curious about buying a XBO, would you recommend it?

I'd really like to get the Rare Replay and Halo 5, but I dunno if buying a whole console is worth it for those two games. Are there any games you own on yours that you think would be worth it?

JeffGUNZ1235d ago

@ Swiggins.

Hey man, you should buy one. Why limit yourself to one console over some fake loyalty? I'd recommend picking up Titanfall is you like shooters. Sunset Overdrive is excellent as well. What you should do is sign up for EA Access for either a month or the low price for the year and you open up many free games right there. Titanfall was recently added so it would save you buying that game. Ori and the Blind Forest and Max The curse of Brotherhood are excellent indie games too. With Gears Ultimate coming next month, Halo 5, Quantum Break, Fable Legends, right now is a great time to pick one up. Also, the new UI update looks very sleek.

ninsigma1235d ago

Hey, I know you were talking to loopy but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents if you'll have them :)

I would suggest sunset overdrive, great and fun game. If you haven't played ori and the blind forest on pc then I would definitely urge you to play that. Screamride looks like it's pretty fun, haven't actually played it though. Halo MCC is a must as well as the upcoming gears remaster.
Forza 5 is pretty good, I'm not a massive driving game fan but it's decent. A lot of people prefer forza horizon but I wasn't a fan of the demo myself. There's titanfall but I don't know how many people still play it. Haven't played that one either and don't have too much of an opinion. Also if you're too impatient to wait a year for Tomb raider, that will be out in a few months on XB. Ryse son of rome got a bad rap when it released but it's an ok game. Don't buy it new though, go second hand. I played dead rising for a bit but haven't been bothered to go back to it. If you haven't played metro 2033 and last light anywhere else, I there is deal to get them both as one game (it's 20 euro in gamestop ion Ireland).

If you look at all those games and say yeah I really wanna play those, then definitely pick one up for yourself. If there's only a few you like then I would say wait till xmas season 2016. There will be a ton new games including quantum break and gears 4. I say xmas season because that will be when you get the best deals.

Hope that helped your considerations :)

USMC_POLICE1235d ago

I bought one just for forza because ps4 has no real racing games. Having both is a must. I do agree Xbox one is harder to navigate and installs take a lot longer

Eonjay1235d ago


I tend to disagree about getting both. I just see them as not being unique enough to warrant getting both unless you really like a particular game thats not on the other one. I think the exclusives are by an large a marketing scam to get you to buy everything.

I don't need or want to own everything simply for the sake of commercialism. I would recommend that people simple make responsible choices with their money.

My sister has a Xbox One and I have a PS4. If I want to play an Xbox I will just go visit her. Same thing if she wants to play PlayStation.

If you have a decent PC like me its you feel even less motivated to own two consoles. Perhaps the Wii U but now even I'm holding off until NX.

raWfodog1235d ago

I'm personally waiting to hear more information about Scalebound and Quantum Break before I seriously consider getting a XB1. Those two games and Sunset Overdrive have my interest more than the other XB1 exclusive games.

Rookie_Monster1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )


The short answer is yes. You are not buying the console for only 2 games. It is 2 games to start plus you get BC which instantly adds tons of new games you haven't play before is well worth it plus future games that are coming. It is no different than asking about buying a PS4 if You are only a XB1 owner and only like a game like Bloodborne but future games will come. It is good to own both.

Not to mention MS is just super awesome in constant updating the system to make it the best with features like keyboard and mouse suport, Streaming your games to PC, ability to use your own HDD, do multitasking while playing a game, friend notification, etc.

I say, jump in and get that Rare Replay with a Halo MCC bundle in Aug. You will not regret it as it is my most played and used console.

soul-assassin-1235d ago

If you can afford to own both, than do it! I recently bought an xbox one (had ps4 since launch) and dont regret one bit. You dont have to worry about missing any of the holiday exclusive deals or games coming out. I have always been a ps4 gamer, but even i can't turn down the likes of Gears remastered, halo 5 & rise of the tomb raider this year.

re2_apocalypse1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )


So you have fake loyalty if you can only afford 1 system?

Stupid logic

How about saving that $400+ for the çonsole choice you made and buy like 7+ games. You know, the things that should be the most important part of being a gamer. Just don't be a fanboy and try and justify your purchase over someone else's.

n4rc1235d ago


Actually completely agree.. Even exclusives now have counterparts on the other side that are worthy

Unless you are a super avid gamer.. One should do the trick.. While ps4 has the edge in game performance and x1 has the multimedia edge, its a toss up really.. You won't lose out on either..

I'd follow my friends (which is what I did to begin with myself) and if starting fresh.. Well.. You'd have to research the entire package and pick which fits you best

dantesparda1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )


I recently got a X1 coming from a PS4, and my advice to you, is you better really want it. Otherwise you could end up like me (buying it for nothing) and just having it just collect dust.
Plus you have two pay two online services to worry about.

dantesparda1235d ago

Damn I hacked up that last sentence. I meant to say you also have to worry about paying for two online services.

ABizzel11235d ago

The XBO is a good console, and worth a buy. The OS is a bit too much, and things that are so simple on PS4 are 2 / 3 task on XBO, and even with a search option it's still hard to find things. Honestly the current dashboard is my biggest complaint about the XBO, since it's just not as goos as it was on the 360, and pretty much meant to work with Kinect to make it simpler. Fortunately there's a new update coming out to replace the current dashboard so hopefully that'll be gone.

As for the console itself hardware wise it's just fine, the PS4 is better, but it's not a huge difference in most games. It's a big console so you need a decent amount of space for it (a good bit more than a PS4).

The big thing for me, and probably most primary PS gamers is that if you don't like a decent amount of Xbox exclusives (Halo, Forza, Fable, Gears, and others), then there's little reason to truly own an XBO. For me I like Forza, Gears, and Remedy and I have a good amount of true friends on there, so I get the console by default.

If you like your PS4 chances are you'll like the XBO as well. If you're looking for a second console the XBO would be the safest best even though their libraries are the same for the most part.

I'll also advise you to look into a gaming PC as an alternative as well.

gangsta_red1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Get an XBO is you have the money. But in all honesty I would wait for more games to come out.

Both systems have their jewels hidden in the rough. PS4 has Bloodborne and Axiom Verge and XBO has Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive. But after that the third party games are currently the only thing shining for both consoles and you can play those on your current PS4.

Down the road and if you have money do pick up A XBO because it will start to get some excellent games. But if you are the fence with only 2 games that interest you...then hold off.

I was the same regarding WiiU, I decided to wait and I'm glad I did.

Mrveryodd1235d ago

Do it man you won't regret it . Haven't turned mine off since day one . Have a laptop plugged in to the hdmi in , works great for most things , to laggy for games . But it does a good job of that .

meche3341235d ago

Yes. its improving a lot. they are getting a more simple and faster ui. and more its worth getting it this fall or something. trust me

Swiggins1235d ago

Wow, I did not expect this comment would get so many responses.

I don't really have any loyalty to the PS4, it was the console all my friends were getting and I wanted to play with them. I would absolutely own one if they were cheaper, but right now I need to be REALLY sure before I part with that kinda money, especially when I will probably need to buy a new car within a year (I'm driving a 24 year old Camry).

I appreciate the suggestions for games though, I'd forgotten about a lot of those. Can anybody tell me if Titanfall is still active on XBO? A buddy of mine on PC said it's mostly dead.

Sunset looks like a lot of fun and I love the art direction as well, great suggestion.

I've been telling myself I'm going to build a gaming PC for YEARS and have never pulled the trigger. I recognize a lot of benefits in PC gaming and a lot of my friends are joining the "Master Race" as well. The two biggest problems standing in my way are that if I was to build a gaming PC I would want it to be future proofed to a degree (which would mean it would be fairly expensive) and I'm just terrible with Mouse and Keyboard controls.

I realize that PC gaming is cheaper in the long run and that with practice I would probably become fairly good with Mouse + Keyboard, but those are still fairly large obstacles for me to overcome.

I've been interested in getting a WiiU as well. When the console first launched it had nothing I wanted to play, but with additions like MK8, Smash Bros and Splatoon it seems like the console has really come into its own now. If it gets another price drop this holiday season, I might get one of those.

Omeganex99991235d ago

I have bought the console for a couple of games I wanted to play and then almost never used it. So no, it's a good console, but having both is pretty much useless unless you have the money and there are a lot of exclusive games you want to play.

I don't regret buying one but I don't think I used it enough to justify buying it, and the reason is that I play multiplatform games on PS4/PC. That's it.

1235d ago
headblackman1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )


you should buy it. you have interest in 2 games right now and you've gotta remember that these consoles are still new which means that there will be loads more that will catch your attention as the life span goes one. that also goes for the ps4 and even the wiiu. so buy the x1 and have fun.


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Rimeskeem1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I was the same way.

easy clip recording
quiet as hell, sometimes i dont realize its on

UI a bit crowded
had trouble finding GWG
starting a party chat is a bit hard coming from PS4 for me
had to buy adapter for my headset

Great console overall though, loving MCC and Sunset

Crimzon1235d ago

A friend of mine has an Xbox and the first thing that struck me is how quiet the thing is, it's literally silent in operation which is a big difference to my PS4 which gets really noisy. It seems the fans kick in the most for 60fps games like The Last of Us and Diablo 3, whereas the Xbox is always silent. I guess that's a perk of not having hardware crammed into such a small space, more room to breathe without getting so hot that the fans go crazy.

Neonridr1235d ago

yeah, the PS4 has the power supply inside the console, so I find that it can heat up quite a bit. XBO has the brick (a very big one) outside, but it keeps all that heat away from the console itself.

kickerz1235d ago

Yea people don't like having the brick and pay Xbox out about it but it's actually a good design choice and does keep the heat away :)

TGF_Zero1235d ago

hit the nail on the head @loopygames

RocketScienceLvlStuf1235d ago

There is a lot in the article that I do agree with.

The xbone is a bit of a huge brick.

The PS4 controller is much superior to the xbone controller just like the article says.

And the xbone dashboard is a cluttered mess where the PS4 UI is slick and fast.

ninsigma1235d ago

I do prefer the ps4 controller over the xb1 controller and I hate the UI of xb but somehow the size of the xb1 seems to just disappear. Honestly, when I first saw it I was like what the hell were doing when they designed this! But honestly it fits in nicely and just disappears.

Direwolf4841235d ago

How incredibly shocking that you are here to disagree and troll anything about Xbox. You have clearly shown yourself to be the epitome of an unbiased opinion. /s. No matter, I hope most gamers realize that the author here is correct, the best way to experience this generation of games is as an owner of an Xbox One and a PS4.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1235d ago


Where did I disagree? If you look at my comment you will see I was agreeing with the article.

Learn to read.

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umair_s511235d ago

I only purchased Xbox one so far, mainly due to MS aggressive pricing

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DragoonsScaleLegends1235d ago

It's big and clunky which is my first impressions from looking at pictures of the console and controller.

BlackPanther1235d ago

Which probably doesn't matter as it sits on one place for years.

DragoonsScaleLegends1235d ago

It does matter, why would I want to buy something that looks ugly?

Neonridr1235d ago

wow.. good thing consoles are like books and are only judged by their covers.

DragoonsScaleLegends1235d ago

So XO is only worth as much as a book?

peshkavusCA1234d ago

Agreed it's huge compare to PS4 but I end up getting One for myself last weekend :D I'm happy with it thanks to Halo MCC.

DragoonsScaleLegends1234d ago

I want one but not because of Halo, that series looks like destiny and cod and those games are both the worst games I've played on PS4.

Xbonewone320151235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

A good write up.

Owning both consoles puts you in the prime seat.

I still much prefer the xb1 controller though. I do love the xb1 atm, 2015 has got some crackers.

dantesparda1235d ago

I own both and don't feel like it puts me in the prime seat of anything. Its more like a waste for me as I don't really have a good reason to own both. And I prefer the PS4 controller much more. But don't "love" either of these system. Halo 5 and Forza 6 being technically unimpressive doesn't do it for me and Sony having hardly any exclusives the rest of theyear and their piss poor FW software support are let downs for me too. But hey that's just me, but im also not in love with these companies or so easily impress.

BranWheatKillah1235d ago

At the end of the day the extra bells and whistles, doodads and gimmicks don't mean anything for a console. What matters are the games.

It's an easy question. Does the Xbox One or the PS4 offer games I enjoy playing?

For myself, the PS4 does. There are more exclusive experiences that resonate with me than there are on the Xbox One. I'm not a Halo fan and I find Gears of War enjoyable as a rental with friends. While on the PS4 I can bury myself in a game like Bloodborne and series like Uncharted are something I can play time and again.

It's silly for people to believe any of the consoles are bad but it's easy to see why some people enjoy one over the other. But lets not fool ourselves. Features like Kinect or Multimedia Apps don't mean a thing if you're not having fun with the games.

Neonridr1235d ago

Depends on what you use your consoles for I guess. Not everyone turns theirs on for gaming. Apps like Netflix and DLNA support go a long way to ensuring that the console gets used as often as possible, and not always to play a videogame.

dantesparda1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )


"Depends on what you use your consoles for I guess. Not everyone turns theirs on for gaming. Apps like Netflix and DLNA support go a long way to ensuring that the console gets used as often as possible, and not always to play a videogame."

Yeah and? You act like the PS4 doesn't have/do both. It has both, Netflix and DLNA. As a matter of fact it has two DLNA options, the Sony native one and Plex (which you an trick into giving you the pay features for free).

Neonridr1235d ago

@dantesparda - lol, the PS4 only finally got DLNA support. Only took them over a year and a half to add a hugely requested feature from day one.

My comment had nothing to do with XBO over PS4 by the way, so don't twist my comment into something else.

I am merely pointing out that some people use their consoles for more than gaming, hence it's not always about the games as the OP mentioned.

BranWheatKillah1228d ago

I don't disagree that people use their consoles for other purposes than gaming now. It only makes sense that if it plays movies, music, or apps like Netflix that you're bound to use them.

I'm merely stating that if these factor into your purchase of one system over the other, then the priority of the purchase was never about video games. We all have multiple devices that have these additional features and it's merely a convenience to have them all together.

BlackPanther1235d ago

"At the end of the day the extra bells and whistles, doodads and gimmicks don't mean anything for a console. What matters are the games."

While true both have 95% of the same games therefore the extra features could be the reason you pick one or the other.

"But lets not fool ourselves. Features like Kinect or Multimedia Apps don't mean a thing if you're not having fun with the games."

Goes to my entire point that the games are the same except for the 5% of the games. Either way you are going to be missing great exclusive games unless you get both consoles. So it can be about the extra features.

LamerTamer1235d ago

The same except that many times the PS4 version runs at higher resolution. Most of the time it is 1080p on PS4 vs 900p on Xbox.

I prefer the higher resolution versions.

holdmyown831235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

SMH... Sounds like fanboy talk. I myself just got an xboxone a few months ago. LOVE the voice controls with kinect.

xHeavYx1235d ago

"My opinion is different than yours, therefore you must be a fanboy"

TwoForce1235d ago

I'm going to buy Xbox One. But I don't have enough money to buy.

TGF_Zero1235d ago

gamestop had an incredible deal a few weeks back where you could trade in a ps3/x360 and get $150 toward the xbone. look out for deals as such in the near future.

lastking951235d ago

You can get it with a couple of games for just $200 if you trade your last gen console in.