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Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Years ago my above friend did something that I’ve never looked back on or once regretted. He sold me his PS1, which was my move away from Nintendo based consoles for quite a while. Sometime after this he introduced me to what is pretty much a cult classic: Suikoden II. Fast forward another few years and I bought my brother’s PS2, making it my own. Louis came over throwing Suikoden III at me before he was heading out of town for a weekend. While I enjoyed Suikoden II, it to me didn’t hold a candle to Suikoden III, which was my favorite entry in the series until the release of the fifth. Back once again, Konami have re-released Suikoden III on the PSN, making it playable for both the PSIII and the Vita. While physically sitting on my shelf, it has been too long since I’ve picked it up. Being able to review it now is an honor.

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KingofGambling1212d ago

Great franchise. My favorite is the second one. I hope there's a Suikoden VI in the future.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1212d ago

This game is a 10\10 for me. I remember buying this game when it first came out and being just completely blown away by it. It's a shame that the other two console Suikoden games weren't as good as the first 3. This game also has the best opening cinematic I have seen in a game.

FerrianX1212d ago

The original Suikoden is till this day my favorite RPG ever. I really wish they'd bring back the franchise and elaborate on some of the more mysterious story arc's such as Pesmerga vs Yuber. Their rivalry has always intrigued me.