Insomniac: No Plans To Release Sunset Overdrive On Any Other Platform, R&C Trilogy PS4 Unlikely

Insomniac Games have made it clear that they have no plans to release Sunset Overdrive on any other platform.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

That's a shame. I loved Sunset Overdrive. It was worth the purchase and I could have bought it again on PS4. Hopefully the sequel will be multiplat.

And no! No R&C remaster for PS4. The remake is supposed to reboot the series. Start from there and make a sequel.

nucky641239d ago

not sure it's a shame - I've heard SO didn't sell very well.

Christopher1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Good sales or not, it's an interesting IP that I'm certain a good number of PS4/PC players wouldn't mind getting their hands on without having to buy a new console.

GrimmQuiorra1239d ago

What in god's name does that have to do with anything?

There are plenty of amazing games that did not "sell well".

Does not take away from the fact that to alot of people, SO was an amazing game.

On a less fanboyish note: I would love to play this on PC. But alas, my wishes have been pooped on.

nucky641239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

grimm - it's not on a "fanboyish" note. it's on a business note. the game may very well be good and I'm sure people enjoyed it; but, why would they release it on ps4 when it didn't sell well on the x1???

btw - you don't have to invoke gods name to get answers- just think first.

Christopher - you must not understand money very well. it DID NOT SELL WELL ON X1 - WHY would they port it to other formats and risk more POOR SALES???

DevilOgreFish1239d ago

would have liked to see this in 1440p at 60fps but i guess it looks quite nice as an exclusive. exclusives are meant to generate such hype.

donthate1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )


"not sure it's a shame - I've heard SO didn't sell very well. "

I heard it did really well, and Insomniac is really happy with the sales!

Here, I will provide you with some facts instead of hearsay: "Sunset Overdrive Console Bundle got sold out and lots of people were still looking for them!"

Google it!

GrimmQuiorra1239d ago

Because the install base on the PS4 is almost twice as big?..

That...may or may not be a good enough reason.


Septic1239d ago

"not sure it's a shame - I've heard SO didn't sell very well."

Its not a shame because a great game might not have sold well. Right.

Furthermore, I thought it did well?

sonarus1239d ago

To be perfectly honest i played it but wasnt that impressed. Its like pretty much all Insomniac games to me. I wouldnt go out of my way to buy them or play them or wouldnt be my top 5 game to play on any given day but it can provide some mild entertainment on occassion.

DevilOgreFish1239d ago

Maybe Insomniac believes in making exclusives.

Christopher1239d ago

***you must not understand money very well. it DID NOT SELL WELL ON X1 - WHY would they port it to other formats and risk more POOR SALES???***

What part of my comment said it should be ported? What part of my comment brought up anything about profit at all? I even prefaced my comment with "Good sales or not..."

I was expressing that even though it may not have performed as hoped, there are definitely a good number of people on PS4 who have shown interest in wanting to play the game.

That's all.

antz11041239d ago

Lol you need to get your ears checked.

ghostface91239d ago

its over a mill and thats not including digital purchases which is what came with all those sunset overdrive bundles. Thats pretty good for an excluisve early in the console cycle

AstroCyborg1239d ago

only corporate slaves care about sales

lvl_headed_gmr1239d ago

Bloodborne didn't sell very well. I guess that game sucks...

Your logic is seriously flawed.

Why is it everything evolves around sales this gen?

gobluesamg1239d ago Show
Crimzon1239d ago

Aren't poor sales actually a strong reason for porting a game to other platforms? To try and recoup as much money from development as possible?

I've no idea how Sunset Overdrive sold however. Insomniac have said it exceeded sales expectations and that they were very happy with its performance, but people on N4G are saying it didn't sell very well? Seems kinda like Titanfall, where the actual companies involved say the game sold brilliantly but people on N4G say otherwise. It's weird. I wonder who's lying?

BallsEye1239d ago

Call of duty has sales over the roof. Is it an amazing game? Sales =/= great game.

Bathyj1239d ago

Did it occur to you it might have sold better if it were on Playstation?

Not just because the PS userbase is about double the XB userbase, thats just maths.
Not just because PS gamers are more likely to support these type of games, thats just history.
But because all of Insomniacs previous great games have been on Playstation, ergo most of Insomniacs FANS are on Playstation. Thats just commonsense.

Its a hard lesson that should have been obvious to anyone, and one that Square and Crystal Dynamics are about to learn as well.

Yetter1239d ago

Who cares about sales numbers, the games a ton of fun, what else matters?

Kribwalker1239d ago

Shenmu 2 sold terribly and lost millions, yet Shenmu 3 is being considered the 2nd coming by some, good sales does not a good game make

nucky641239d ago

wow! what a lightning rod post.....I really didn't care about the subject and just posted an off-handed response to the first post - and the response just keeps going.
I never thought it'd get this kind of attention.

4Sh0w1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Dont know where you get your sales info but I'll go with a dev who said in the same breath its not coming to another platform AND praised the game sales....definitely doesnt sound like a guy displeased or trying to leave the door open for grabbing more sales on another platform. btw every game would sell more if it was on more platforms, so you either appreciate the fact both consoles get exclusives or you don't.

-I'd I'dthink ps4 owners would be more concerned with this:

"According to him a trilogy collection for the PS4 won’t happen due to the presence of PlayStation Now.
“Sony ultimately would make this call, but here is why I think it won’t ever happen. Time and money. PS3 ports already exist. PlayStation Now. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt they remaster a remaster,” he explained."

shloobmm31239d ago

It's over a million which is good enough for a new I.P

xHeavYx1239d ago

Were people even asking for Sunset Overdrive on PS4?
Or is it just Gamingbolt doing their usual clickbait article.?

itsmebryan1239d ago

It really was a good game. It was very funny and fun to play. Sales doesn't always mean a good game.

Scatpants1239d ago

Sunset Overdrive is great If people didn't buy it they are all missing out.

hduce1239d ago

So sales now justify how good a game is?

Tdmd1239d ago

Yeah it's a shame. I don't care how it sold, it seems like a great game from a awesome developer and I surely would love to play it on my PS4. I don't really get what numbers have to do with it.

fulnattybrah1239d ago

Alot of games don't sell well, does that mean the game is bad? by your logic COD is the greatest game in history...

jcnba281239d ago

What do sales have to do with whether a game is good or not?

Septic1239d ago


Were people even asking for Sunset Overdrive on PS4?

Yes. Hence the petitions:

EvilWay1239d ago

Well the Xbox one was doing poorly when it was released and is doing a lot better now. I am sure it has sold well with the sales

343_Guilty_Spark1239d ago

Too bad what you heard doesn't count as proof.

ChronoJoe1239d ago

Seeing as it's pretty easy to port games from XBOX ONE to PS4 it wouldn't have been a bad thing to push it over, the game is made and porting is a lot cheaper than initial development so they may have been able to justify the costs even if they weren't expecting the game to fly off of the shelves.

I would expect the game to sell a lot better on PS4 though, because that's where Insomniac's fanbase reside. I suspect this decision is probably driven by some form of exclusivity deal rather than it not being worthwhile to port to the Playstation 4 or other platforms.

In either case, we still may see it in the future. The number of time we heard that games like Mass Effect would not be on 'any other platform' then they appear later down the line when the exclusivity period has passed.

4Sh0w1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Wow, theres a lot of interest in timed exclusive and exclusive Xbox One games.

It's comical how entitled and hypocritical some ps fans sound, pretty much like this:

"Why is ROTR exclusive for a year?"

Answer -Because Micorosoft secured a deal to support the game & SE/CD liked it.

"Hey they can't do that, oh btw Capcom thanks for SF5 exclusive deal, oh bu, bu, screw SE, hope the game fails for stabbing us in the back.

Answer -You know the game is comin...//

"Shut up!, nobody cares Lara's face will look like old pixels by then, TR is trash compared to UC4 anyway."

"Why won't Insomniac port SO to ps4, it didn't sell well?"

Answer -Microsoft supported the game, that was the deal and actually they said it sold pretty well.

"Well I hate Microsoft getting 3rd party deals, they should make their own games, bu, bu, bu, Bloodborne is OK for Sony."

Answer -I don't see Xbox fans screaming about how unfair Bloodborne deal was, claiming it should come to X1 and it didn't exactly light up NPD sales charts, falling off pretty quickly, haven't seen any big #s released by Sony, so why does it seem exclusives are OK for Sony but not..///

"Shut up!...Even if it didn't sell a ton, selling it on Xbox One to make more money would be an absolutely terrible idea, money isn't the most important thing, devs don't sign contracts with Sony, they just write each other love letters, seal it with a kiss and its official."

-Seriously all the complaining about Microsoft deals are just getting old, fanboys do their best to make sonys deals seem different but in the end the result is the same, sony moneyhats games to keep them off xbox too, its a age old business practice, >>Why are we suddenly freaked out by it now???<< Microsoft just has the deep pockets to do it more than other platform manufacturers did in the past vs sony.

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Crimzon1239d ago

I've been hoping that the game would come to PC if a PS4 release wasn't going to happen, but it seems that even a PC port is unlikely now which is really frustrating. The game looks awesome fun and I've yet to see a bad thing said about it, so I'd have been all over a PS4 or PC release. Hopefully they make a sequel and it's multiplatform, although I'm probably just gonna buckle and buy an Xbox soon anyways.

Genuine-User1239d ago

Neither confirmation or denial. Usual PR talk.

lvl_headed_gmr1239d ago

Did you read the quote?

Insomniac said they won't be putting SO on any other platforms.

Genuine-User1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Maybe you should read the quote again.

"We have no plans to release Sunset Overdrive on any other platform. We also don't discuss contracts"

Does that quote shout permanent exclusivity to you?

'Plans' can change.

Ezz20131239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )


"We have no plans to release Sunset Overdrive on any other platform. We also don't discuss contracts"

That's not the same as saying ..."We will never release it on Ps4/Pc"

Sound like PR to me.

spacedelete1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Insomniac - "no we have no desire to release our game to 25 million PS4 owners". whatever they will regret it if R&C doesn't sell the studio risks layoffs or even closure.

also i don't see why Ratchet and Clank trilogy can't get a PS4 remaster. just look at Final Fantasy X/X2 which got remastered twice. no one cares about PS Now so if Sony actually wants to make money they will have to remaster it again.

donthate1239d ago

I think you got it all wrong!

Sony is the one funding R&C, so Insomniac just collects their paycheck and jumps onto the next project. Thus Sony is the one doing the layoffs when their financials continue to look bad.

GamerGT1239d ago

I care about PS Now. Was just playing Ratchet and Clank all for one last night with the wife. No complaints. Can't wait to see more titles added to it.

pivotplease1239d ago

I for one am excited about the reboot. It looks like one of the best games they've made since Tools of Destruction. When did things go down hill? All 4 One? Too many spinoffs.

AstroCyborg1239d ago

why would they create a new ip to just have sony steal it from them again

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KonaSquid1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Guess they don't like money .-.

Spenok1239d ago

Didn't Microsoft help fund this game, thus making it pretty much guaranteed to always be an Xbone exclusive?

PhucSeeker1239d ago

They can make a PC ver if they want . Windows is M$'s main platform after all.

warczar1238d ago

I know insomniac was allowed to retain the ip rights. If Microsoft funded the game as well as gave insomniac the rights to the ip then Microsoft deserves a pat on the back.

_-EDMIX-_1239d ago they say. The deal is likely not done yet and they can't speak about another version yet.

medman1239d ago

Were the masses even asking for Sunset Overdrive? That game underperformed on the xbox 1...Insomniac's mistake was taking the money and they got bit by it. That game is long forgotten.

AstroCyborg1239d ago

it wasn't insomiacs fault sony wanted to steal yet another insomiac created i,p blame sony not insomiac & ms

warczar1238d ago


The whole idea behind intellectual properties is so that corporations can steal there employees ideas. You don't honestly believe that Microsoft has never stolen another persons idea do you? And I read the article you posted above, nowhere does it say anything about ip theft only that owning the ip was a deal breaker for insomniac.

Bobby Kotex1239d ago

Sunset Overdrive wasn't bad, but buying it twice makes zero sense.

Professor_K1239d ago

Fantastic game with killer soundtrack and atmosphere.

Cant wait for the sequel

Also what happened to the ps4 version? i thought it would come out 9 months prior to xbox launch according to all the analyst here LOL.

kraenk121239d ago

The game was targeted at American teenagers anyway so it makes sense to only release it on XBox One.

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gangsta_red1239d ago

Sunset Overdrive was a great game. Hopefully they make a sequel and it stays on Xbox One.

mkis0071239d ago

Well Insomniac owns the IP, they can do with it what they want. I love the game; it is the only physical xbox 1 game I own. (the rest are all digital until rare collecton) It would have sold like gangbusters to the PlayStation crowd though. They should have made it multi to get the ip off the ground! Taken out a loan or something.

gangsta_red1239d ago

How do you know it would have done gangbusters for the Playstation crowd? The IP is already off the ground and I know a lot of XBO gamers who are still enjoying this game.

pivotplease1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Looks at Ratchet and Clank and Infamous fan bases on Playstation. Looks at nearly twice the install base.

I think gangbusters was a pretty appropriate term. PlayStation is about appealing to fans of a wide variety of genres and quirky games all around. While I didn't like what I saw when friend was playing it, I think it would have impressed quite a few in the PS crowd.

mkis0071239d ago

I am still enjoying it too. I just feel like the ip could have been a lot bigger (what they wanted fuse to be) if they had just found a way to publish it themselves.

DigitalRaptor1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

"I think gangbusters was a pretty appropriate term. PlayStation is about appealing to fans of a wide variety of genres and quirky games all around."

Pretty much nailed it. This IP could have been the potential to be Ratchet or inFamous levels of big. PlayStation gamers have proven their love for games like this in the past and PS4 has double the install base. Instead though, it's been relegated to Jet Set Radio status - whilst a great, stylish, memorable game, it risks not getting a sequel due to sales performance.

@ Gangsta

The IP is already off the ground in the same way that something like Shenmue was at the time. Your theory doesn't guarantee continued success or a sequel, as much as I'm sure lots of people would love to see one. The game was well produced, has that mass market appeal and was marketed as such, but after 8 months has failed to sell a million units, on one of the biggest gaming brand platforms across the globe.

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MasterCornholio1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I don't see why it cant be multiplatform. Since Insomniac owns the IP they can bring it to any platform that they want.


Agreed if the title was multiplatform it would have done much better.

gangsta_red1239d ago

I don't see why it should. Since it appeared on Xbox first it should stay. We wouldn't want SO fans feeling betrayed and Insomniac turning their backs on their biggest fanbase.

"Agreed if the title was multiplatform it would have done much better."

Who says? If it didn't do as well as some pretend it didn't then wouldn't it have gone on other platforms sooner?

FlexLuger1239d ago

"I don't see why it cant be multiplatform. Since Insomniac owns the IP they can bring it to any platform that they want."

But MS Did help fund development aswell as publishing/marketing. Its no different from SF5.


The key difference is capcom cant release an xbox version because they are bound by contract.Insomniac at least chose of their own which type of deal REALLY sets the bad precedent here, for gamers? At least sony fans only need wait a year for TR. If MS buy a bunch of 3rd party IPs or the company that owns them outright, it will be interesting to see how the conversation goes. But then I guess sony will buy some other ones too, and thus it continues.

ziggurcat1239d ago


um... insomniac has been predominantly developing for sony, so the biggest fanbase for insomniac is still with sony.


since insomniac owns the IP, they are actually free to release the game wherever they feel like... exactly like despite MS publishing RoTR on xbox, the game is still being released on other platforms... because SE *owns* the IP. I doubt SSoD will make its way to PS4, but there's always the distinct possibility that the sequel (if it does get made) could end up on multiple platforms.

but really... how many times have we all seen the "we have no plans to do X" thing only to find out that X thing ends up happening anyway?

AstroCyborg1239d ago

because if they did sony would just & try to steal it away from them

pivotplease1239d ago

Biggest franchise? It's a new IP with one game so far? And Ratchet games have sold better in the past (and even reviewed better as well). I would also argue thaT Resistance is a bigger deal though SO has potential for the future.

DigitalRaptor1239d ago

Gangsta. You just failed at trying to take a jab at PlayStation fans.

Your comparison might have had some validity, if Sunset Overdrive had been instrumental in launching Insomniac's biggest fanbase. Insomniac has an unmatched history with PlayStation, something of which you could call a legacy. The day Sunset Overdrive is considered a legacy to Xbox I will apologise to you. Until then.. keep trying to pre-meditate absolute nonsense.

"Who says? If it didn't do as well as some pretend it didn't then wouldn't it have gone on other platforms sooner?"

Stop trying to distract from common sense. The game would have resonated with PlayStation and PC gamers as much as or more as it has with Xbox gamers. It very clearly would have sold the same again on each new platform it was announced for. So that would take it up to around 3 million across 3 platforms.

For all we know, internal discussions might have lead to multiplatform ports. MS has no ties to SO and Insomniac owns the IP. And as I'm sure you can work out, it takes more than 8 months to strategically discuss, green-light, produce, develop, announce and release ports of already released games. Lots of details to discuss. The fact your logic is hinging on Insomniac announcing ports they very well might not be ready to announce yet, is telling. Your logic also insinuates that Rise of the Tomb Raider was going to perform poorly on Xbox so they announced other platforms BEFORE the game even came out, which is unprecedented. Be careful with that.