Explaining Gaming Addiction and How It’s All in Your Head

Obsessed and addicted? Here’s how games use our brains to keep us coming back for more and ten games that have us hooked on PS4.

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trywizardo1207d ago

Actually when I traveled and have really fun ever day I didn't have to play Videogames or even watch TV , I just enjoyed my time , so I guess we play Videogames in our normal daily life not because of addiction , but to escape our reality and because we hate the place we live it (I'm just guessing here)

nowitzki20041207d ago

For me its just a form of entertainment. I dont like too many movies or TV shows, would rather play a story myself thats much longer than movies. The reason its hard for me to stop playing games is because I want to play the future releases. I cant miss UC4 and Horizon and by then there will be new games we know about... So exciting.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1207d ago

I really have to get rid of my backlog before I get into all the new and exciting games! I might just not buy games for a year, and simply pick up the blockbuster game of the month, twelve months after :)