Firaxis Games Nerfs The Sniper with New Sharpshooter Class in XCOM 2

Snipers in XCOM: Enemy Unknown were "Demigods" late in the game. XCOM 2 wishes to balance them out with the sharpshooter class.

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ZaWarudo1237d ago


I remember my jet pack snipers. So OP.

Ocsta1237d ago

I had a husband and wife team of Archangel armor wearing snipers, him with Double Tap and her with In the Zone, both wielding plasma sniper rifles and crazy accuracy. Good times.

Ocsta1237d ago

Dude, Fallout 4 and Xcom 2 bought together is officially the best combo in the history of all gaming ever. God I love my life.

23Breach1237d ago

I know, right? Best of all, you don't need a new console for both!

23Breach1237d ago

More like day one, hour one, minute one cause I'm calling off work for the entire day.