Gears of War Ultimate Edition Cutscenes Comparison

new video from "forst danger" shows Comparison between Gears of War Ultimate Edition Cutscenes.

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mafia_pc1155d ago

really nice job, a good remake.

suckingeggs1154d ago

The character models in the older version look more detailed in this YouTube video which is really strange..

spicelicka1154d ago

I think it's the contrast and art style. I actually prefer the older art style though, even the new one looks more realistic.

DevilOgreFish1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

d_g - " "

A more emotional Marcus phoenix, interesting, i didn't notice that till now. i really like the direction of this remake.

SirJoJo1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

To be honest Im a little disappointed, I love Gears, and loved the gritty look of the original. Although the assets are higher poly and textures higher res, theres just something about the lighting and skin textures I don't like, they look too clean! this is Gears of War and they look like they haven't even so much as been through boot camp. C'mon Coalition dirty them up a bit.

Not saying I wont have fun with the game (beta was tight and smooth, gotta love that head shot sound), Im just not a fan of the clean look.

ninsigma1154d ago

Oh I can't wait to play this! Graphics look good, can't to see how it feels to play.

isa_scout1154d ago

Looks sweet. I can't wait.... This is a remaster done the proper way. The beta was fantastic.

LoveSpuds1154d ago

Out of interest, what remakes do you consider have been made in 'the wrong way'?

isa_scout1154d ago

Prototype,GoW3, and Halo MCC comes to mind. Not saying those games aren't good....Well prototype sucks, but they all had negligible differences from their original games. They felt like straight ports. Halo MCC is the one in the bunch that aspired to be more, but ultimately fell flat. MP still doesn't work for me.

LoveSpuds1154d ago

Yeah, thats probably fair comment chief. Believe it or not I had never played a Halo game before the MCC so have actually had a great time with that as I onky like single player which was largely unaffected by tech issues.

I have just finished GoW3 tonight and it is bloody great but I have to admit, not the most ambitious of remasters.

I am pumped for Gears, I dont think the ingame is as impressive as the differences seen in the cut scenes but it still looks superb anx I cannot wait to get stuck in again after many years away from the franchise. I do feel a little let down that it is just the first game though......I know, I know, gamers are never happy :)

spicelicka1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

The beta was smooth as butter for me. I can't believe how well the multiplayer holds after almost a decade!!

And this cutscene, i'll never forget this cutscene.

Rookie_Monster1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Day one. This is the proper way to do remake.

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