Plants vs Zombies Characters Are Invading All the Games

Not content with their own world, the characters of Plants vs Zombies are making their way to other franchises.

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Septic1209d ago

Hehe these are wicked.

GigawattConduit1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I'd love for the PvZ characters to be a skin in Mirror's Edge, or some kinda Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon type DLC post release.

3-4-51208d ago

Cant' wait to play Plants vs Zombies 2.

It's the shooter I want to play the most...even more than Battlefront.

Kurisu1209d ago

Haha, this is pretty clever marketing!

idsanty1209d ago

Omg, I love this so much.

jmc88881208d ago

Can't wait for #2.

The first one rocks, and I love getting 40-50-60-70 kills on a Gardens N Graveyards map as a Football Star or Fire Chomper.

iSuperSaiyanGod1208d ago

My highest is 67 & I've hit that mark multiple times .i don't get how some people hit the 90 mark or even 80 lol . I'm really really good lol it makes me so mad watching YouTube let's plays lol . It's just not possible I can't believe it lmao

Perjoss1208d ago

Does the first game have any single player modes at all, maybe some kind of horde mode or bot match type of thing?

Skate-AK1208d ago

It has a horde mode you can privately play by yourself but you still have to have an online connection.