FIFA 16 vs PES 16 – Which Football/Soccer Game Will Be Better This Year?

It’s about time for football fever once again. The Premier League starts on August 8th and football fans are awaiting the next instalment of their beloved football simulators. But last year was a rocky year for FIFA, both the organisation and more importantly for us, the game. We saw a lot of outrage at a few questionable decisions made by EA leading a lot of players to try out the lesser played competitor. Now it’s Konami’s turn to see if they can hold the attention of us as fans, and break the monopoly that FIFA and EA have on sports games.

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TRASHBOAT___1209d ago

All of my PS2 days all I did was play PES 24/7 loved those games and those games hold a special place in my heart but I can't play PES no more .
FIFA is not that good but I've been playing FIFA since and I like because FIFA is a lot more fast pace and responsive than.
I've bought both since 2013 with hope that PES would be better but every year I ended up playing FIFA .

bouzebbal1207d ago

i have been in the same case but 2015 was a turnaround for me. PES2015 is the absolute king this year. I cannot speak of future instalments to avoid trolling for no reason but when i see what FIFA has become this year i am worried for what's next for them.

I bought FIFA15 in September on PS4 and i thought it was absolute garbage. Felt like Virtua Striker with pure arcade gameplay. While FIFA's online stays superior, PES really improved the gameplay so much and you can really feel the massive job they have done to erase many of the old flaws.
I hope they work on the multiplayer in 2016, but i have no doubt PES is back stronger than ever.

nowitzki20041207d ago

I owned both and for me PES is the better Football game. You dont have as much control in tight spaces in Fifa compared to PES. I also hate how easy it is to get the lobbed through ball behind the defense and in front of ur teammate. To me it seems like PES captures the excitement of Football better than PES.

I stopped playing Fifa in Dec but still play PES to this day.

Either way both are really good games and as a football fan its amazing to see that we have 2 great games to choose from.

SniperControl1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I was a big PES player back in the day, my best PES was PES3 with Pierluigi Collina on the cover. I bought PES15 a few months ago(it was on sale on the PSN) after about an hour of play, i regretted ever buying it, the presentation is awful, no proper licences, not allowed to use an edited option file, the commentary is embarrassingly cringe worthy, players move like robots on speed, the only saving grace is that gameplay is not scripted.

While FIFA is no angel by any means, still think it beats PES by quite a distance. It's more polished, better graphics, better animations, good commentary, licensed teams.

For me, it's about the overall package, i dont particularly want to spend hours editing team names, kits and stadia.

HxCGamer1207d ago

How come everyone like pes better but fifa sells way more? Dont say "sheep" either.
There has to be an actual reason if practically all of the internet says PES....

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MysticStrummer1207d ago

Rocket League.

Jk. Sort of.

I played this sport for a long long time and enjoy watching World Cup action, but for some reason I've never given one of these games an honest try. Maybe I'll do that soon.

riverstars861207d ago

I'd take Rocket League over Fifa any day.

Metallox1207d ago

The modern FIFA? Yes, of course.

nowitzki20041207d ago

I love soccer/Football. I love PES so thats what I recommend, but even though FIFA 15 got a lot of hate I liked it a lot and as a football fan you cant go wrong with either.

They are a blast to play for me personally.

Rocket League is amazing but Football games like PES and Fifa get a lot more into the technical aspect of football. You have much more control of where the ball goes in PES and Fifa so you can defend/attack how you want. I get at least 1 of those every year, got both this year and they both are awesome, PES 15 is slightly better.

lutfarssmc1207d ago

After a month I become nauseated to fifa. But PES never become old to me. So I don't think I need to express my opinion which will be better for me.

RageofReaper1207d ago

Still play PES 2015 every day just about. Never gets old. Gameplay is flawless at times, last night, a year into playing it (And i consider myself at least semi decent) i was playing Madrid CPU, and got hammered 5-1. In the replays I could see them creating space, pulling my defenders out of position, I got absolutely annihilated, and I loved it.

FIFA got old within a few hours of owning it. Same old every year. Will not buy a FIFA game again until they rebuild it. I'm expecting big things from PES 2016 and from the footage, and previews, it wont disappoint

(Also, the inclusion of the editing kit mode, downloading from their main website etc for custom kits, is absolute genius. It'll be 'full licensed' within a week of launch)

burza19821207d ago

Gave it to me DEMO for both games and I will tell you.

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