In Defence Of Season Passes

Play: "If you get ripped off by a season pass, it's probably your fault. This is why..."

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SegaGamer1206d ago

DLC should be free. I don't care what anyone says, we shouldn't have to pay for stuff that should have been in the game from the beginning. They are getting it right with the Witcher 3, there is no reason why other Video Game developers can't do the same.

Xristo1206d ago

I completely agree. Charging for DLC is a cheap (but sadly lucrative) nickel and dime tactic. What I find sad is that people are complaining about The Witcher 3's DLC. Saying that it should of been in the game at release (i.e. NG+) and not a DLC. Why not just be happy that it's free? I know a few dev/pubs who would just throw a $5 tag on hair styles and call it a good day.

SegaGamer1206d ago

I agree, as long as it's free, i don't really see any reason to complain.

Fishy Fingers1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

The Witcher DLC is not exactly a fair comparison, it's mostly been small, albeit welcome, patches and fixes. Obviously loot storage and NG+ is great.

But, the true story DLC will NOT be free.

Charged DLC is fine if it's not original content and is worth the price in the consumers opinion. Will I buy extra content that I think proves value for money, yes. Will I pay £5 for a costum or skin, never. DLC can be done right or wrong like anything else.

Razputin1206d ago

@Fishy Fingers

Witcher 3 has had a nice fair amount of free DLC. There are a lot of companies that would have charged for almost every piece of DLC CDPROJEKT RED has released. So it is a fair comparison by today's standard.

While it is true original content whether separate or alongside the main storyline is a welcome but what some companies charge is a bit ridiculous.

Still again it is welcomed.

LightofDarkness1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I used to think like that, until I became involved in software development and met people in the gaming industry.

The cold hard truth of it is that we don't actually pay enough for videogames when we buy them for $50-$60. Games have been at that price point since the 80s (some were even more), so while the cost of development has increased exponentially since then, the price point for new releases has not been altered to reflect that. This is because people simply will not buy games at a higher price point than they've always been (it varies from country to country), but expect constantly evolving AAA experiences regardless. Now the gaming market has widened over the years, but not in step with development and marketing costs. In 1990, $60 was worth $110 in today's money, adjusted for inflation. So we're actually paying a lot LESS than we used to and expecting a lot MORE.

Season Passes are the developer's way of having you pay some of that untold cost up front, like we ought to be in some ways. However, you're also getting cherries on top because they need to make it a value proposition better than "because we didn't ask you for enough the first time." So you get extra content (some of it substantial) as well for supporting a developer in a more realistic way financially.

Now there are some shady DLC practices, mostly from Capcom and Activision (whose paltry offerings should follow the CD Projekt Red model), but a lot of others aren't trying to milk you, they're just trying to ask you in a much nicer way for the full price of the game that they made.

harv0521206d ago

I don't know where you live, but here in Canada, EB Games just increased the prices on games, 79$ a pop...with taxes it jumps to 90$. That's the second time in a year they increase the price....

Lukaszram1206d ago

Yes we do pay less when compared to 1990s but dont forget that there is a lot more people who buy games now... i just find it sad that companies have to spend more money on advertisements than the actual game

SegaGamer1206d ago

@LightofDarkness. I would agree with you, but gaming has exploded in recent years and it's earning a hell of a lot more money than it did in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's.

LightofDarkness1206d ago

I already covered that. The increase in sales still does not account for the increase in development and marketing costs. Games should cost closer to $85 or even $90, if games were to be priced with the aim of making a profit. And those GameStop price increases are everywhere, but GS is pocketing the difference, not the devs or publishers.

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I honestly don't mind charging for DLC if it's worth it...the KEY WORD here is "worth"..

Personally I feel like 99% of the DlC we get at the moment is not worth the asking price and would agree it should be free.

Expansions like the sort R* did with GTA4 and Red Dead and DLC like The Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion are the sort that deserve a price tag.

When you look at GTA5 and the constant free updates with cars and weapons and clothes etc that have been added and then you look at destiny and what's been added to that and charged for what I would call stupid money, it really is depressing.

more worrying are the masses of gamers that support it, even if they oppose with their mouth, they support it with their money.

it's a joke how season passes have become such a rip off. when you look at what the original intention was and how you would expect from them, still I guess everyone has their perception on what is good value.

I hardly ever buy any DLC ever. I have completely stopped preordering new games regardless of what stupid dlc skin they try to sell it with.

it just feels like a con to me.

MilkMan1206d ago

Unless the DLC is like 40 hours long with new guns, new weapons, new locales and new EVERYTHING, which EXPANDS the story in a significant way and sets up events for either future expansions or sequels. Then it should be free.

Follow, Witcher 3's format.

Paying for colors, a new gun, a map to run around in, new tires, a new car, new skins is all bullsh*t!

Ra3v3r1206d ago

I don't care about paying for DLC as long as the contents good. I'm a child of the 80s and we paid for "DLC" in the form of boxed content back in the day. It's always been there just in different forms and it's almost always been something we've needed to pay for. If you want free content buy a PC and mod the hell out of your gamesite.

Not all DLC is bad, but there's enough out there that's given it a bad name. Everyone remember the horse armour in Morrowind?

Chaosdreams1206d ago

*** Option 1: Wait a year or two after the games release to be up the Deluxe, Ultimate, Fully Loaded, Revamped, Full Experience, whatever it's called, version, when it's on sale.

!!! Option 2: Pay for everything as it comes out (season pass or individual), probably getting burned in the process.

* Option 3: Don't but any additional content. (Sometimes the game itself is all you need.)

*** Option 4: Pick and choose, judge on worth.

Basically the options. Option 2. Note, the burning. The industry also likes to push for Option 2, and then Option 1 either rewards those with patience, or milks those who follow Option 2 even more so (people seem to repurchase?)


The industry claims games aren't expensive enough.

Gamers, don't have $100 to throw at each individual game. Especially with how broken half the releases are. It's honestly best to wait, play the back log, and win.