Razer buys Ouya, CEO/Founder Steps Down

The now former Chief Executive of Ouya, and founder, Julie Uhrman has made official what financial reports have hinted at for a long time: Ouya has been bought by Razer.

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Ocsta1209d ago

Ouya. The worst idea everyone thought was brilliant. I could've told you how it would end.

Kurisu1209d ago

Why would anyone bother to buy this sinking ship? xD

Intranquill1209d ago

hardware and patents I'll assume

italiangamer1209d ago

Razer must have a lot of money to burn, what the hell can you do with that POS Ouya...

Dabigsiebowski1209d ago

They aren't going to do anything with it besides rebrand a package and take in the patents.

Volkama1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I thought Ouya had already scattered to the winds and Sony had already scavenged any worthwhile patents. Curious what value Razer get out of them.

Edit wrong O! I'm thinking of Onlive, Ouya is the crummy little indie console.

DLConspiracy1209d ago

A lot of times when a company buys another company. They want a patent or something specific to that company. It's possible they may try to revitalize the product though. ItS gonna be an uphill battle.

Gh05t1209d ago

Razor has their own android based $150 machine and controller (a better product than the OUYA if you ask me). This was bought for the OUYA market place. Why Razor would want to go into the publishing business is beyond me but its their money and they can spend it however they want.