Check out this Solid Snake sackboy papercraft, make one too

PS3fanboy reports:

Remember that sackboy papercraft thing from awhile back? How did you do? Did you make an awesome creation? Did you make sure to send a picture of your creative work to the Media Molecule guys? Because, if you did, they may have featured your work on their blog.

It seems the internets has lots of creative people as many have sent in their final designs. Our favorite is this Solid Snake sackboy by Nessen (pictured); it even comes with matching Mk.II. Just have a look at the different designs posted on the Media Molecule blog to see what other things people came up with. Even better yet, some of these designs have PDFs for you to download, cut out, and make your own! Yes, even Snake. So get-a-stepping and make a Solid Snake sackboy papercraft.

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skynidas3587d ago

Awesome im going to make one NOW!

UNCyrus3587d ago

can be get a paper Sackboy-Raiden too?

kingme713587d ago

Cool, but the patch is on the wrong eye :(

Tacki3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Actually it's correct!

Meus Renaissance3587d ago

^^^ A true gamer. If you are married or have a girlfriend, don't say what you just said in front of her. Seriously, they'll get freaked out

skynidas3587d ago

The one that has the patch on the right eye is Big Boss (Naked Snake), Solid Snake have it on its left eye

SnakeShady3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )