Rising dev costs? Last game plus 10 percent is 'lazy thinking' says Square CEO

As the years go by the prevailing message from a lot of game developers is that game development costs continue to rise and that it becomes increasingly expensive to create AAA content. It's true that the PS4 and Xbox One have provided an unprecedented level of potential for developers to tap into, but it's always an interesting thing to talk about development costs and how they really are or aren't increasing.

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hades071211d ago

IF CDPR were able to make a huge game like The Witcher 3 at a much lower costs than most blockbuster games recently then other developers should be able to do the same once you take out the marketing costs.

jmc88881211d ago

That's not exactly a good example, considering they are a Polish company.

...and you don't pay the same wages in Poland as you do in San Francisco.

But I get your point. Dedicated, well run smaller teams, can make great games, cheaper.

But CDPR had a helluva advantage being located in Poland, cost wise.

donthate1211d ago

Apart from the fact that different games have different needs. If your game is open world, a lot of the work goes into creating asset, but if your game is cinematic or flexibility in movement the work might go into motion capture.

The point of what I was trying to say is that savings and budgets come in different forms depending on the game needs.

It is impossible to say if the "Witcher 3" dev did it for less, then you should be able to unless you want all games to be like the Witcher 3....

Baka-akaB1211d ago

Also that's a bit like expecting someone to do a James Cameron movie with the same budget than James Cameron gets . it might seems like a bad example as James Cameron do get enormous budgets , but most times , what he does would cost much more with a less talented director and sfx savvy producer .

Cd Red gets to do its stuff on lower wages , and with more skills than most studios , it's a rare example and anomality

sullynathan1211d ago

Why are people so quick to point out CDProkektRED without knowing the specifics to how they built their game? Did you really think this would apply to every other developer?

MilkMan1211d ago

Says the company that took a phat check from Microsoft.

jmc88881211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

...and will likely lose a ton of money because of it.

2/3rd of their potential customers are not going to be able to buy the game until 6-12 months after launch. Ouch.

When they do, they are going to want it for LESS, and for PS4 version, it'll be out when Uncharted has been out for 6 months, and likely WILL be discounted.

So a year old game for $60 that made you wait, or Uncharted, a well known Playstation game for $40?...and you will probably be able to get Tomb Raider for 10-15 on Steam (in a sale) by the time it launches on PS4.

Meanwhile, because of the delay in Uncharted to next spring, Tomb Raider would have been able to launch before Uncharted, and not have that interfere with sales.

Also, on XB1, they launch on the same day as Fallout 4.

They screwed up hard, and it may cost them hundreds of millions. Hope that 50-100 million dollar check was worth it. Because they not only lost that, but all the momentum for the franchise and series as a whole.

It's really quite sad.

MSBAUSTX1211d ago

That depends on how much the check they got from MS was. You think they dont have people as smart if not smarter than you working for these huge software companies. You think they would do what they did if they knew they wouldnt make money. Get real dude. SMH

donthate1211d ago

The Tomb Raider reboot took a long time to break even:

So I would say, MS money would definitely help the dev create a better game.

Isn't that better than last generation budget minus 10%?

OhMyGandhi1211d ago

It seems to me like Japanese game companies are doing the most complaining nowadays.
Fine. Go to mobile. Have fun.

ShaunCameron1211d ago

With the rise of development costs, I'm surprised that the final product's retail price hasn't rose. But of course consumers won't take it too kindly if they're forced to actually pay for all the latest and greatest they so demand.