Square: New Hitman on digital an organic decision, Steam Machines 'wait and see'

New technology has been the name of the game, for lack of a better term, in the gaming industry over the past few years, and with several VR releases upcoming, don't expect that to change. Not only will we see VR enter the market in 2016, but we will see the arrival of Steam Machines and the emergence of alternative business models.

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-Foxtrot1212d ago

"Organic decision"

Seems to me they are experimenting and using Hitman as a Guinea pig

I have a funny feeling this is because they want to see if they could possibly do "episodes" of AAA games where it will be cheaper for them but we end up paying the same. In the end we'll be getting less content somehow. Like the illusion we are getting a lot but if you add the episodes together you'd get less "run time" then buying a normal retail game. Paranoid sure....but this is Square, they did Hitman like this for a reason and I doubt it was for "our" benefit.

They should have done this with a new IP, not Hitman.

spacedelete1211d ago

i'll wait until the whole game is free on PS Plus. not rewarding these tactics.

-Foxtrot1211d ago

I don't think anyone wants to set off a new trend from them

just_looken1210d ago


resident evil revelations

teltale games

guess people forgot about them.

-Foxtrot1210d ago

Tell Tale games are the same, now boring point and click games which use big franchises to drive up more sales

Revelations 2 was a crappy Resident Evil horror, still had co-op and just lacked what past titles had.

So...your point?

just_looken1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

You really dont see it?

They started the episode selling method

Even though both gave you pieces of a full finished product at a price they were never panned nor was there anyone against them.

Teltale still is making episode based game's still getting nothing but good pr.

why shouldn't other company follow them more money less content less work.

theXtReMe11211d ago

The reason they are going this avenue, is they want to experiment with episodic expansions that are based around fanfare. Where do you want to go next? Paris? Japan? Kentucky? Allowing gamers to interact with the development of the game and choose locations and missions based around what they want to do. This isnt a money milking back door sneak to get more money for less game.

This is why Im excited about the possibilities of the eposidic nature of the game... When if the central hub is the airport and we buy a ticket to where we want to go next? Levels based on the collective choices made by the gamers themselves, as mentioned above. Each expansion being another 3 cities, wirh the ability to fly out of the airport to any one of them... at any time we choose? Basically allowing us to fly around the world, to collect intel and items in order to finally track and kill the main protagonist. All happening within the confines of, what will feel like, a dramatic TV series that we control the outcome to.

That sounds very exciting to me, especially in the Hitman universe, because the possibilities could be endless.

_-EDMIX-_1210d ago

Agreed. Mind you, they've already stated its a full Hitman game with more content being added through the decisions gamers make.

Blood Money is easily the longest Hitman for me, taking me about 25 hours to beat, the rest of the hitman series are about less then 20 hours, some even less then 15, soooo unless the game has less content and can be beating in less time then the previous Hitman games, I could care less.

They stated they are doing a full release and its a FULL game, they stated they have MORE content coming free of charge....I don't see what they are actually doing wrong here.

Hitman is a day 1 for me this December.

TheCommentator1210d ago

I HATE digital. Love Hitman, but if I can't eventually buy it on disc I may just go 47 on Square Enix. Maybe if SE knew how to run a business they wouldn't have to have MS pay for Tomb Raider or cut corners on the distribution of Hitman. The one good franchise SE publishes and they screw it up with this BS. F them.

brokenbracket1210d ago

So I've recently built a PC, so digital is pretty much the way I'll go when purchasing the new Hitman, because everything looks better on my PC. However, for those that don't have a PC, and I was once there myself, this is a serious blow to Square Enix's fan base. They've been digging themselves into a serious hole lately. I'm not sure where these changes are coming from, and what's prompting these business practices, but if the fan feedback is any indication they should pull the brakes. If I didn't have a PC, then I'd be singing the same song as everyone else here. It's a shame that a company like Square Enix would be making decisions like this. I'm just hoping other companies don't follow suit.