PS3 Home BETA Update v0.96.3 Release This Week

N3M3515, who is a BETA tester, posted some information on the PS3 Home v0.96.3 Update today.

Included in the update details is a release date of July, 31 and screenshot from the announcement in the Sony BETA Tester Forums by Home Manager "TedTheDog".

The update will not come as a patch, but rather a unique code sent to your email and redeemed via Account Management in your XMB.

HOME will then be part of the XMB rather than under the GAME section on your XMB.

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Darkiewonder3673d ago

I hope they don't extend the beta or ever release it if people break the NDA

Real gamer 4 life3673d ago

I hope this is baby steps leading to the inevitable home beta release this autumn.

pwnsause3673d ago

in other words it going to be accessed like how Phil Harrison accessed it during GDC 07 last year:

pwnsause3673d ago

not to mention they might move they trophy icon to the Home XMB section

pwnsause3673d ago

No its not being moved under the PSN, its getting its own XMB section

Real gamer 4 life3673d ago

What is soo special about 1.0?

Ice2ms3673d ago

1.0 is when they release it ie. EVERYTHING comes outs as v1.0 (version 1) it means its done .

Domenikos3673d ago

can be next so... we should wait lol

Saint Sony3673d ago

Well, it means you try it 1.0 times and cry and wait for 2.0.

strotee3673d ago

Releasing HOME 1.0 doesn't mean it's "done" per se; just means it'll get released to the public. I am 100% confident it'll receive continuous updates much like the firmware. There will always be 1-2% of people who have issues, much like 2.4 (which was blown out of proportion).

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

...SEXY!!! ;-P

+The xBox 360 will get a icon and under it, it will say...

(Think the icon on the xBox 360 will be of a House on Fire!!!) ;-D

eagle213673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

LOL :)

leyego3673d ago

0.1x is smaller then 0.9x
y would they downgrade?
go relearn all decimals again

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The story is too old to be commented.