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Rocket League is a new competitive multiplayer game about car soccer. Is this the kind of game that sparks your interest? Cause it should be...

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reallyNow1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I avoided downloading this for about a week because it looked stupid and not my thing. Finally played it last night. HOLY CRAP. It's so much fun! I cannot stop!

TheZeroReview1209d ago

That's exactly the experience that I feel most people have. This is a game you just need to download and fire up once to understand why its so awesome. The entire Internet isn't talking about it for nothing!

reallyNow1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I especially like how fast it is to get into a match and playing, and how fast it is to start the next round. Also, how fast it is to go from useless to valuable team member.

The_BlackHeart__1208d ago

Yesterday, babe learned that I can't pause online games the hard way and won't talk to me. Doesn't matter, won the match.