The keyboard and mouse combination - is console gaming evolving?

Dealspwn: This October sees the release of the Tactical Assault Commander for the Playstation 4, housing both a d-pad and PlayStation button, the Tactical Assault Commander will also come with arrow keys, a snipe key, a quick key, and a walk key and could quite easily become the combination FPS hungry PS4 players crave.

The hardcore gaming option, the ever faithful keyboard and mouse combination. You ask any PC gamer, any hardcore PC gamer why they don't opt to use a game controller whilst playing games such as Counter Strike or Battlefield 4 when gaming on their PC. Speed and accuracy will, amongst other benefits always top the pile. I mean how can one possibly line up a target on Battlefield 4 with a controller as precisely as they would with that keyboard and mouse combination, It's just not viable is it?

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bggriffiths1211d ago

Unless this new PS4 mouse/mini-keyboard was compatible with every FPS, I can't see it being worth the effort. More to the point people that want this could just carry on with their PC games. Is there really a massive desire to play Shadow Fall with a mouse?

Personally, I've only briefly tried keyboard controls on a basic FPS. It's not for me. Knuckles went stiff using WASD. Happy enough with my controller options.

NovusTerminus1210d ago

Mouse is amazing, but the KB REALLY kills it for me, I've adapted, and gotten quite fast on WSAD, but it still is much less precise then an analog stick... which is quite funny, with either set up, you lose precision in one field.

kneon1210d ago

Keyboard and mouse ergonomics are awful. I've been a developer for three decades and I can tell you that wrist braces are not uncommon attire.

And using keys for movement will always suck as compared to an analog control. Controllers have the advantage of being able to place controls where they make sense without be constricted by the QWWERTY layout.

Scatpants1209d ago

I hate using a keyboard it makes my hand hurt.

rdgneoz31210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

"Unless this new PS4 mouse/mini-keyboard was compatible with every FPS, I can't see it being worth the effort."

With one of the last big updates (not stability patches), they added in a feature that lets you do custom controls for your controller. You can map your R1 to R2, R2 to x if you wanted to, up on the d pad to square, etc. Wouldn't be too hard to use that to map the combo keyboard/mouse.

Xavior_Reigns1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I've seen better (imo) but I forgot what it was called. Basically its half a DS4 and a mouse.

kneon1210d ago

FragFx by Splitfish. I used it for a while and then went back to a normal controller.

MeteorPanda1210d ago

and here l've been playing ff14 wrong on the ps4 with just a standard keyboard and mouse :<

sorry FPS players, didn't know you couldn't do this too. hope it works good... these arrow keys look a bit weird.

Xbonewone320151210d ago

The day that console gaming mass adopts keyboard and mouse will be a very sad day.

Controllers stand no chance to compete on an equal level for online multiplayer.

This will force everyone to use keyboard and mouse if they want to make things fair.

This is very bad.

Keyboard and mouse belong on pc only.

morganfell1210d ago

Most people will not purchase this. It isn't just enough to adapt the controls, the programming needs to be there in the game code to really take advantage of it. I remember IGN doing the HALO test and what happens when the playing field is level. Sony already tested this idea on the PS3 and it did not go anywhere. You do not disadvantage millions of gamers for the few thousand that will purchase this.

totalrecoilzz1210d ago

why buy this crap product when i can buy a xim4 and use any controller keyboard mouse i wish too on any console!!

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