Mike Seedon's open letter on the EA Orange Box PS3 thing

Aeropause has received a letter from Mike Seedon on Orange Box PS3. Hit the jump to read through this well written text.

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unamed083495d ago

It's pretty long, but it really is worth the read.

ageoflight3495d ago

I think Valve clearly showed its position towards (Orange Box) PS3..they don't care..

001003495d ago

Quality, mature letter.

TheHater3495d ago

I actually took the time to read that. And he is right, about valves, and EA trying to make a quick buck

MrWonderful3495d ago

I cant read the letter due 2 being at work, but i just got this game the other day for my ps3. i havent played it much but it seems ok so far. im going to enjoy it at the least as i have never played a half life game before.

cp683495d ago

Because it's really worth it. It's nice to see such quality letters nowadays...especially due to those silly "fanboys" and "console wars"

thisguywithhair3495d ago

I played the game too. Found nothing beyond the controls of the boat to complain about. The boat seemed to only want to turn to the right, but only when I wasn't moving forward. Other than that there was nothing that made me wish I hadn't bought the game (except that it was so damn short).

DarkArcani3495d ago

There are multiple issues that should have been patched but haven't.

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The story is too old to be commented.