9 Games We Want in Our Hands

Jo from GamersFTW writes: 'As gamers we often have a long list of titles that we wish we could get our filthy little paws on. However, things don’t always go our way and often we are left wondering about games that never were and those that we wish some development company would pick up and create.'

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Bennjoon1236d ago

We had a good run this E3 with Final Fantasy 7 remake and Shenmue 3 :D

Rimeskeem1235d ago

and The Last Guardian :)

Bennjoon1233d ago

Yeah! I really need to get a PS4 now!

alijones941236d ago

I feel like we're never going to get the open world Pokemon game. I agree it would be awesome, but I think Nintendo think they know what makes them money and are wary about straying from it.

Maple221236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I think you are probably right about that, why would they change something that has been making them money all these years. We can but dream!

MrsNesbitt1236d ago

Really, really, really want an open-world Pokémon game!!

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NukaCola1235d ago

^^^ This

I do no know why this has never been done. Fully open world on console, with real time pokemon in the wild. The ability to create your own gym, badge, and home. Enjoy a continuously growing and dynamic world. Online arena battles and more. I hope something like this comes to NX. I would throw so much money at that.

Yukes1235d ago

Massive kudos for including Timesplitters and Freedom Fighters - fantastic games both, particularly the majestic Timesplitters 2! Makes me sad we will almost certainly never see a new Timesplitters.

1235d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.