Armored Warfare Hands-On Preview – Shots Fired, Obsidian Declares War on World of Tanks | COG

COG writes: Armored Warfare is a stunning looking tank game from Obsidian Entertainment bearing striking similarities to Wargaming’s World of Tanks. We jump into Armored Warfare’s third round of early access testing and come away impressed.

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1213d ago

Given how long WOT has been out and dominating, it will be interesting to see how gamers take to a new game that directly competes against it. There are a ton of people who play WOT as my twitter feed is full of updates showing their feats or accomplishments. Should be interesting.

Koopdogg1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Just as bad as World Of Rigged Tanks is!!!!

Wargaming are a joke ,only achieved the heights due to NO competition , they can't even fix their MM, games are rigged as you lose even before the round starts due to their clever bad luck generator ,graphics are insanely crap,these fantasy tanks that never even made it off paper,the game takes no skill whatsoever etc etc etc.

GOLD AMMO-Please, the biggest LAUGH of all!!!!

The only good thing is, i hope the WOT noobs sway to this other rubbish and stay out of WT
War Thunder is way ahead of the curve and not noobish ,roll on sea warfare and world war mode .

GrapesOfRaf1213d ago

Ya there's always room for competition. WoT is good but it's getting stale, and Obsidian has a pretty decent track record but with very different games so I can't wait to try this out for myself.

ScorpiusX1213d ago

Aren't these the same people that made boxy looking Splinter Cell rip off.

Dlacy13g1213d ago

So what is the player count for PvP? I read it was 4 player coop...but what about PvP? Hopefully more than 4v4.

Whitey2k1213d ago

Sony should get this so sony has this why ms gets world of tanks

ThunderPulse1213d ago

Sony should get this game.

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