Nintendo has Trademarked the Name “King K. Rool”

An observant Miiverse user has noticed that, in the Virtual Console description for DK: Jungle Climber, the name King K. Rool is followed by a trademark symbol (™). K. Rool, who hasn't appeared in a game since 2008 (Mario Super Sluggers, Wii), hasn't had the symbol attached to his name in previous Virtual Console descriptions, such as the one for Donkey Kong Country. This is a sign that Nintendo has trademarked the name recently.

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Sureshot1209d ago

Ah fond memories of Donkey Kong Country

greenmiker1209d ago

This could be a great addition to Smash bros games.

wonderfulmonkeyman1208d ago

More fuel for the fiery hot rumor that he won the poll to be the next Smash fighter...

Stringerbell1208d ago

I remember being a kind and genuinely being surprised at the fake ending to Donkey Kong Country. Mind blown when he got back up =p

InTheZoneAC1208d ago

DKC series, best soundtrack in the history of games

Nintendo needs to release another DKC, one of the few games I have and bought a Wii U for...

higgins781208d ago

Another DKC? Erm, Tropical Freeze. Arguably the best Donkey Kong in the series only released last yeat and already you want more? Give the guys a break.

InTheZoneAC1207d ago

Um yeah, I would like another seeing how the only other games for the Wii U I can possibly look forward to is Zelda and Mario Maker(but I might not even buy this at full price)

And I doubt we ever see a full fledged pokemon game on here or a full fledged Metroid game, so yes, another DKC would be nice.

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