Why Crysis Needs To Remove Its Warhead

Avid Gamer writes:

"Expansion packs are a dirty business. They're on par with our biggest pet hate; paid downloadable content. It's substance that shoud've been in the game in the first place, but was either omitted due to time constraints or for future monetary pilfering. Crysis: Warhead is fooling no one here and we're warning you to stay vigilant."

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Carbide73674d ago

Just like how gears 2 isn't needed

Shroomy3673d ago

Lets not improve on something that was good, hell lets ban Sequels altogether!

Timesplitter143674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

It's better than nothing and if you don't want it, you're not forced to buy it. Expansions have been a great part of PC gaming for a long time. This one would be called a ''sand alone'' expansion.

Now please STFU, mister article writer. No one loves you and you were adopted. :)

No seriously it's true that it looks the same. But if they were returning to the island in Crysis 1, what the hell would you want them to do?

Ghoul3674d ago

its a standalone you dont even need the core game, so its only 30 bucks.
its like blueshift for half life, you play the same incident but from psycos sight, afaik. so what did you expect, a new story and location. for 30 bucks ? errr no. i take that expansion thanks greatly looking foreward to it

metalhead3673d ago

This game is meant to be able to be playable by more ppl. THis game will look like Crysis but it will not be the same glitchy hardware hog the old one was.

th3james3674d ago

yes, making crysis warhead a full retail game would possibly boost interest and sales, but for the people who are looking at crysis warhead already have the original or are looking for a substantial upgrade to lay down some ill graphics are going to buy the original. they give away crysis in some gpu's anyways. and there is also torrents

Andronicus3674d ago

its a stand alone game and not an expansion different character storyline in the same timeline.

xav09713674d ago

The author of the article doesn't know it's a $30 game. You can't complain about that. You can call it an expansion all you want it's priced as one. I'll still enjoy this "expansion". I loved Crysis!

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