Shane Kim Talks 360 MMO Washouts

Shane Kim, former general manager of Microsoft Game Studios who's now a corporate VP, told Edge, "I'll admit MGS has not had success in the MMO space, and that happened under my leadership, so I take full responsibility. It's a tough and challenging space that's evolving all the time – a lot of shifting sands. We haven't been able to crack the code."

"There's a lot of ongoing work," Kim said. "I think those are real challenges, and I know that our third-party folks want to enable all kinds of content and we work very hard to create a stable and secure environment on Xbox 360 and that's where you see that tension. I'm sure we can solve that problem though in a way that is good for MMO developers and customers because we want that content: and we're getting very close. But we're late with that, and we feel bad about that."

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Real gamer 4 life3671d ago

I think the ps3 has the upper hand right now when it comes to mmo, but at this point anything is subject to change.

Saint Sony3671d ago


Obviously you have no idea what is going on..

chaosatom3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

- Sony might be able to tap into MMO audience if they bring out games that are rdone right on the ps3.

solidsnakus3671d ago

how many mmos does ps3 have? 0, how many does 360 have?2

how does the ps3 have the upper hand exactly?

iamtehpwn3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

PS3 has a few more MMO's coming out, on top of which Final Fantasy 11 is compatible with PS2-BC capable PS3's (80gb, 60, and 20gb), with the ability to install the game to harddrive.

mistertwoturbo3671d ago

The only exclusive MMO's I know of for the PS3 coming out are

DC Universe MMO
The Agency MMO
NC Soft's MMO
MAG (people are calling it MMO cause it supports 256 players)

What else?

mikeslemonade3671d ago

Yea right... your Phantasy Star and FFXI were huge system sellers weren't they? Lets talk about games coming out that are groundbreaking. Not some last generation upgrades that won't make an impact. In other words Huxley isn't out.

supahbad3671d ago

real gamer is right the ps3 does have the upper hand, and those of you who say he's wrong need to read a couple lines in where SK says MS is having trouble in the MMO field. just saying


Huxley, Age of Conan, APB and (Marvel MMO that was canceled)? Well that some MMO's coming out on the 360 and got some crap MMO's in the past like Phantasy Star Universe and Final Fantasy something.

TheMART3670d ago

I could be wrong, but isn't the only MMO thats really big World of Warcraft?

I think MMO is a genre thats more PC specific. I have a feeling that consoles are bought and played mostly by gamers that want pop in and play, offline or online, without all that massive MMO worlds.

On the other hand, the 360 has MMO's out, the PS3 hasn't. It has some in the production channel, but also has the 360. Huxley is a biggy on MMO level and it comes to the 360, not the PS3.

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DarkSniper3671d ago

Thank you Shane for openly admitting that PLAYSTATION®3 is the preferred platform for your MMO gaming needs. Not only that, but for ALL of your gaming needs. It takes a real man to admit defeat and Dark Sniper commends Shane Kim for stating that Sony's PLAYSTATION®3 Home Computer Entertainment System is where you should go for your gaming needs.


Lord Shuhei Yoshida3671d ago

Incredibly powerful and bold statement,Dark Sniper.You would be a great asset in advertising and speaking publicly for the Playstation 3.Your efforts are a great contribution to make sure that the Playstation 3 fulfill all your gaming needs.

KBDuB3671d ago

Lol. You guys crack me up. =)

SpecialSauce3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

because it cant handle them. that's why ps3 online is better. PS3 might have o RPGS but 360 got 0 MMO's, and RPG's suk anyway proud to say i have never bought one (way tooo boring).

Bladestar3671d ago

@SpecialSauce - are you stupid or bring sarcastic? I really hope you are being sarcastic.. because if you are not then you fit well the typical sony leg humper/fanboy description: ignorant, uninformed and simply stupid...

The xbox 360 does have MMOs... it has 2... the PS3 has 0...

I see people saying that the PS3 has the upper hand when it comes to MMOs... do you people even play MMOs know how making a successful MMO is... no one can tell if it will be a success or a massive failure... there are hundreds of MMOs out there... developers promise the word... and sometimes they just don't work...

Now, I am not saying that the MMOs sony is working on will not be good.. but even on the PC MMOs flop... let alone the new waters of consoles... Keyboard or not...

Microsoft is admitting that it's a thought arena to get into it... it's hard for the PC... it's worst for the consoles...

How many MMOs do you think are made before 1 hits a home run? How many flopped MMOs the PC has before 1 (world of warcraft) comes out? and people are expecting this City of Heroes Sony clone will simply succeed? on a console?

Damn... I hope it does.. seriously.. regardless of who does it.. Sony, Nintendo or microsoft... who ever does it right will do what Halo did to FPS in consoles... and we will all benefit from it... but after my dramatic disappointment of waiting many months for Matrix Online just to see it flop... I will wait and see.

SpecialSauce3671d ago

i was in fact being sarcatic when i said 360 had ZERO MMO's. Ok it has two wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooow!!! how stupid am i to not recognize 360's TWO MMO's!!!!!!???? PS3's MMO's are gonna blow them out of the water so calm down. i dont really like MMO's so excuse me for failing to relize 360 has TWO MMO's. would u gladly inform me on these games?

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Tmac3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

This doorknob never shuts up.


Lol don't lecture me when he doesn't even do his job properly, read up on this clown before you assume.

Or you could just join his ranks. Sorry I offended you, I didn't know Shane Kim was so near and dear to you.

green3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

It's you that is behaving like a door knob.If you don't like what he has to say then don't read the article and don't even bother making a comment.

SO when journalist's interview him he should say ...sorry no comment because i don't want to anger Sony fanboys.

Huxley,CHampion's online and maybe APB are 3rd party MMO,s heading our way in the near future so his comment is very relevant to 360 owners who are wondering why there is no 1st party MMO released or announced to be in development.

dale13671d ago

he forgot what a muppet

darkshiz3671d ago

Shane Kim is like the kid in class that never shuts up.

mistertwoturbo3671d ago

NO no no, he's more like the kid who tries to be funny and always crack a non-funny joke and then gets sent out of the classroom. Just for the same thing to happen again the next day.

Shane Kim3671d ago

What have I done`? Why all this hate? :P

mistertwoturbo3671d ago


I don't actually hate Shane Kim. Don Mattrick took his place.

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