Ten Vita games you should be excited for

The Vita Lounge team bring their magazine feature online to tell you their thoughts on the ten hottest upcoming Vita titles. Do you agree?

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All_Consoles1212d ago

I think it was a mistake naming the website TheVitaLounge since vita doesn't really have much at all going for it. Now you are making these lists to try and convince people there is much to get excited for on vita? Well this list doesn't get me excited about owning a vita at all

InahimeHondaSengoku1212d ago

Sure being salty about a vita website don't you think? :/

Scatpants1212d ago

I'm pretty hyped to get Lost Dimension, The Swindle and Resident Evil Revelations 2 all in less than a month. What does 3DS have coming out in the next month? Oh, that's right, nothing.

Kaneki-Ken1212d ago

Shame on you, having all console and dare to say that Vita is not good but it's actually doing decent/ average.

All_Consoles1212d ago

Decent/average is not good enough. I couldn't tell you the last time I was legitimately excited about a new vita game, I think it was Tearaway which was like 2 years ago and it was like a year before then since the last game.

@scatpants really? 3ds has a ton to play, and a lot to look forward to in the future, big games too like Fire emblem Fates and Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, while Vita's supposed big games are ports and games I've never even heard of. I'm not even a 3ds fanboy, it's just the reality of things

Sly-Lupin1211d ago

I'm excited for Persona Dancing and Danganronpa, but you're right. This isn't so much a list of "ten Vita games" as it is a list of "ten games that you can play on Vita."

In other words, they're more games to make Vita-owners feel better about our systems than games to make those who don't want to buy a Vita in the first place.

nodim1211d ago

My top ten almost don't even overlap with theirs, the heck are you talking about.

nodim1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

>big games too like Fire emblem Fates and Mario and Luigi Paper Jam
>Mario and Luigi Paper Jam
>I'm not even a 3ds fanboy
Hahaha, sure, mate, sure.

While 3DS does have some interesting relatively big names, the releases for it are really sparse, you are probably one the very few who manages to buy more games for 3ds than vita if you are actively following both. And I'm honestly more excited for a new SaGa than DQ, for example, lol

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FullmetalRoyale1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Needs more Rainbow Skies, but man there are so many games forwards and backwards, I really cannot keep up. Then you add in the multiple systems..
Anyway first world problems. Still haven't played all of the games I already own. :)

gamer78041212d ago

While I agree there are vita titles to be excited about. But this list really doesn't contain them

Killzoner991212d ago

Amazing list. It's funny, the gaming media wants you to think the Vita is dead yet what was the last noteworthy 3DS game that came out? The Vita has much more going for it than the 3DS and it's looking like it will have a longer life than the 3DS as well.

Scatpants1212d ago

That's what's so funny to me about all this. I get at least a game every month for my vita. I don't remember the last good game I got for my 3DS and I'm not planning on getting another one until the new Fire Emblem comes out.

Furesis1212d ago

fanboys will always be blind and never accept the truth that the VITA
is dead
(i own one so i know trust me)
and please do list all the upcomming games that most of are nothing but indies and jrpgs. i like'em but thats all there is and most of them suck. cant even compare with psp which had crisis core, kingdom hearts, god of war, dissidia, trails in the sky, prinny, disgaea, Grand Theft Auto, metal gear solid, tekken, daxter and many, many more 3rd and 1st party games

InahimeHondaSengoku1212d ago

Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Vita says hi. ;) kthxbai

Furesis1211d ago

hmm.. a game that's already on every other console and pc with better graphics and cheaper. besides resident evil is quite bad these days so im not interested

Sly-Lupin1211d ago

Thank God for XSEED, as they're localizing the few JRPGs that really ARE good.

Furesis1211d ago

i like XSEED but once again JRPG. it's great for me and other people who like them but u cant sell a console just on JRPG's

nodim1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

pretty much all of those are on vita too, except who the hell needs GTA on a handheld.

Furesis1211d ago

yeah they are on vita, too bad they aren't NEW GAMES that people want to play. by all means if u wanna play the same games over and over again go ahead

nodim1211d ago

Well, not all of psp-games from that list are NEW and not all vita-games are ports and remasters.

Vita is dead from the marketing standpoint, not literal, it would be hard to make people play anything that comes out on it. Surely another daxter, tekken or prinny wouldn't change much. Just like that new trails game or yet another disgaea. Imposed by the media stereotypes are everything people see nowadays. From the japanese side vita gets plenty of support and if you are one of those "every multiplat game is ps4-exclusive to me" then you don't really need any vita-games to begin with and are just wasting our time.

InahimeHondaSengoku1210d ago

Look at your disagrees, haha! :D

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